eXperience Coin ($XP) Explained

eXperience Coin ($XP)

eXperience Coin (XP) is an interesting coin that took the cryptocurrency by storm in 2018 when the price went from an essentially worthless $0.000000044 per coin to less worthless $0.006032 per coin. It might not sound like much, but that’s a 13,706,710% increase in price.

Anyway, those in the cryptocurrency community have wondered what exactly eXperience Coin is, why it gained so much value, and all kinds of other pertinent questions about this unknown, but profitable, cryptocurrency. This article will cover absolutely everything you need to know about eXperience Coin.

What is the purpose of eXperience Coin (XP)?

The stated purpose of XP coin is rather difficult to find. The official website claims that XP coin will be used to reward those that participate in sports, attend school, unlock achievements in video games, and other small achievements.

For instance, the website states on the homepage:

Earn XP for participating at various levels of sports or for completing specific activities. Instead of medals for first, second and third, everyone can earn XP!”

However, there has been no known implementation of this reward system in the nearly four years of XP Coin’s existence. That obviously is not a good look for any cryptocurrency. Not to mention the fact that there does not appear to be much incentive to reward athletes with a cryptocurrency worth much less than $.01.

With that in mind, we will say that the purpose of eXperience Coin is a pump and dump scamcoin that simply has not died. 

eXperience Coin (XP) Founders

So, who founded eXperience Coin (XP)?

As is typical with these types of cryptocurrencies, the founders of eXperience Coin have remained anonymous. We will point out that not all cryptocurrencies with anonymous founders are scams, Bitcoin has an anonymous founder, but it really is not a good look for a very thin coin that has not accomplished any of its stated goals to have anonymous founders.

Why The Price of eXperience Coin Increased Over 13 Million Percent in 2018

eXperience Coin is most famous for the massive bull run it had in 2018, which might be the second greatest percentage increase of any cryptocurrency since Bitcoin and Ethereum.


It certainly increased in price in a much shorter timespan than Bitcoin.

There is a dark side to the price increase, though.

It was fueled almost entirely on rumors that the coin would be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Kraken. That speculation drove the price to massive levels. 

The important question is, of course, did eXperience Coin ever get listed on any major cryptocurrency exchange? 

No, it did not get listed on any major exchange, which made realizing profits from the coin rather difficult. 

Is eXperience Coin (XP) a Good Investment? Is it a scam?

Sadly, eXperience Coin (XP) is not a good investment. In fact, we rate eXperience Coin as a terrible investment and it appears to be an old scamcoin for the following reasons:

  • The coin does not do anything.
  • Anonymous founders.
  • No buy orders, but a lot of sell orders.

If you view the two exchanges that list eXperience Coin (Graviex and Stakecube), then you will notice that there is 0 trading volume and sell orders vastly outnumber buy orders. In fact, there are no buy orders on Stakecube. And Graviex has .1 BTC worth of buy orders to 24 BTC worth of sell orders. 

That generally means one thing – if you buy eXperience Coin (XP), then you will struggle to sell it for a profitable price. 

Where can I buy eXperience Coin (XP)?

Graviex and Stakecube are two exchanges where you can purchase eXperience Coin, but we strongly recommend against purchasing XP Coin because you will struggle to sell the coin due to low liquidity. 

As mentioned in the previous section, eXperience Coin (XP) is essentially a scamcoin not worth your time.

Final Verdict on eXperience Coin (XP)

So, what’s our final verdict on eXperience Coin?

Pass on this coin. If you want an inexpensive, fun, memecoin, then you should consider Dogecoin. Alternatively, you can always stick to blue chip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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