A Comprehensive XBTPro Review

xbtpro review

One thing you cannot fail to notice today is the growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges coming up every so often with promises of low trading fees and volumes. Their goal is to compete with the industry leaders by targeting the regular trader. 

XBTPro stands above the rest for a good reason. The crypto exchange offers low trading fees, undergoes regular security checks and audits, and has one of the most professional exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency space today. 

In this review, we look at some of the key features of XBTPro to help you make an informed decision when you choose this increasingly popular cryptocurrency exchange. 

Company Overview

XBTPro launched its exchange platform on February 5th which makes it one of the new players in the market. 

However, in the short time the platform has been in operation, it has established itself as a leader in the cryptocurrency exchange scene through its functional platform and benefits it offers to customers. 

XBTPro is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines but offers its services to customers worldwide. It has become quite popular thanks to their huge welcome bonus, loyalty program, security, and referral program.

XBTPro is soon launching its native NEXBT token. Customers can expect to start paying lower fees and discounts on trades after the launch of the NEXBT token. 

There will be 10 million NEBT tokens only for investors and users of the platform, which will be 10% of all the tokens in circulation.

XBTPro Services

XBTPro offers a functional and efficient platform where you can trade 14 pairs of 10 different cryptocurrencies. The exchange promises to increase the number of trading pairs and coins over time. 

One of the best features of XBTPro are their attractive trading fees. Their taker’s fees start at 0.05% and maker fees are as low as 0.02%. They also don’t charge deposit and withdrawal fees for BTC. You only need to pay blockchain fees.

XBTPro doesn’t require KYC verification unless you’re performing trades of over $10,000. To ensure that its customers’ investments are 100% secure, XBTPro relies on professional audits and penetrations tests conducted by BlueSwarm, a leading data and network security company. 

XBTPro customers also get a lucrative opportunity to earn commissions in 10 levels when they refer new customers to the exchange. 

Creating Your Account at XBTPro

It’s quite easy to set up a new account at XBPTPro. All you need to do is to visit the official XBTPro website, click on the sign-up button located at the top right corner of the site, enter your first and last name in the form that opens up, enter your email address, and input your password. 

You can also fill in your referral ID if you have one. Then click on the button that says Create Account. You’ll only be required to verify your account by email and you’re set to go.

Trading Fees

Trades in XBTPro are conducted between two parties. There’s the maker who has an existing order in the order book and the taker who places a trade matching the maker’s order. 

In this exchange, the taker’s trading fee is 0.05%, which is significantly lower based on the industry’s average which stands at 0.25%. 

Trade makers also enjoy fee discounts at XBTPro at just 0.02%, which is equal to a 60% discount compared to the fee takers pay. This type of maker/taker fee model is a great feature that promotes liquidity at the XBTPro exchange.


Coins Supported at XBTPro

xbtpro exchange review

At the moment, you can only trade 14 pairs at XBTPro but the company promises to introduce more pairs over time. 

You can trade in the following pairs:


XBTPro doesn’t accept deposits in fiat currency however. You can only deposit in cryptocurrency. 

Countries Supported at the Platform

XBTPro accepts users from all over the world except citizens of the USA, Algeria, Quebec Province of Canada, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Cuba, Iran, Crimea and Sevastopol, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan. 

XBTPro Welcome Bonus

One of the most attractive features of XBTPro is their welcome bonus program. Every new user who deposits a minimum of $100 worth of Bitcoin is rewarded with a bonus equivalent to 25% of the amount deposited paid in NEXBT. 

You can later convert the NEXBT bonus into tokens. Every new user can claim up to $250 worth of NEXBT. 

Users can also monitor the percentage of NEXBT they unlock by increasing their trading volumes straight from their account’s dashboard. 

XBTPro Security

Is your money safe in XBTPro. Definitely yes. XBTPro uses the services of BlueSwarm, an industry leader in security. 

BlueSwarm regularly conducts security checks, audits, and penetration tests to enhance the platform’s security level and integrity. 

You can trade on the platform with peace of mind in the knowledge that your investment is kept safe at all times by the best company in the industry.

XBTPro Referral Program 

XBTPro has a straight forward referral or affiliate program that shows you how to earn commissions by referring new users to the platform. 

Once you join their affiliate program, you have the opportunity to reach 10 levels in the program. Each level gives lucrative returns and benefits. 

The levels start at the Starter level and rise up to the Black Diamond level. 

Pros and Cons of XBTPro


  • The exchange has low trading fees
  • No KYC verification is required for trades under $10,000
  • High-level security assured by BlueSwarm
  • A unique 10 level referral program
  • A functional and easy to use trading platform
  • No fees charged on deposit
  • Margin trading 
  • Demo trading available
  • A great welcome bonus 
  • Excellent customer care and support
  • Trading contests
  • Educational videos and tutorials


  • XBTPro doesn’t accept fiat currencies
  • They haven’t launched a mobile app yet. 

Final Thoughts

Having been launched in February 202, XBTPro may be a new cryptocurrency exchange but it nonetheless provides users with a host of features for the most cost effective, easy, and secure trading. 

One thing we like is their temptingly low trading fees as well as free deposits and instant withdrawals. 

Compared to other new players in the cryptocurrency exchange space, XBTPro is definitely your best option.      

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