Why is YouTube Removing Bitcoin Channels?

Why is YouTube removing Bitcoin channels

For some time, there has been a problem with YouTube accounts related to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. This has been due to many factors that seek to eliminate some accounts that Youtube presume could be false and produce scams. This has certainly been the topic of conversation since December 2019 when account deletion began.

To understand in detail why YouTube has taken this initiative, it is necessary to know the opinion of users and the explanation of YouTube. Since December 23, YouTube took the initiative to delete much of the content related to Cryptocurrencies. This occurred when the administrators of this platform saw comments from Twitter and Reddit’s users, shocking their subscribers.

YouTube’s goal was to protect people who visit its platforms from financial fraud related to Cryptocurrencies. People can see as a direct attack that YouTube removes videos precisely from Bitcoin the most popular virtual currency in the world. “This is an attack on crypto and freedom of expression” were some of the words of the Cointelegraph.

Of course, these were not the only complaints around this particular issue. The important thing is that people know both versions involving those affected and YouTube according to their explanations.

What Does YouTube Say About Bitcoin Mass Video Deletions?


After the elimination of many videos related to Bitcoin occurred and after seeing the repercussions, YouTube spoke out. Many people with accounts related to Bitcoin videos received notifications of the deletion of their accounts for violating rules. After those affected began to write posts on Twitter, YouTube had no choice but to comment on it.

It was all a mistake, and YouTube has mostly restored the content that it had mistakenly deleted. Of course, I only explain that for so many contents that are uploaded, it is impossible to determine which ones break the rules. This leaves this platform a bit bare by acknowledging that they have no control over the content uploaded to the system.

Since this pronouncement, censored accounts have continued to be presented, and Youtube removes even subscriber channels for these contents. Many people speculate that YouTube is participating in a media campaign that seeks to harm the commercialization of Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies directly. Just a few days ago, CryptoCrows suffered an attack by the platform, which completely deleted its account.

Youtube and your account protection

Everything that started as protection for users of fake accounts has triggered several serious problems. First, as long as the account owner is not proven to be a scammer, the accounts should not be removed. Talking about Bitcoin is familiarizing more people with the history and evolution of the best Cryptocurrencies today.

That YouTube has removed many videos related to this account is undoubtedly a fault that many consider very serious. Many of the deleting videos had to do with the importance that Bitcoin has had in virtual commerce. Many account owners to date have been waiting for YouTube to solve the problem and restore their videos.

Cataloging Bitcoin videos as harmful or dangerous has undoubtedly been something that has left many people atonic. During this year, even people continue to make a lot of speculation, so it happened that many questions remain unanswered. The textual words of the YouTube bearer regarding the subject were the following:

“Due to the amount of video volume on our site, many times, we made a wrong call. If you see that we delete the video  by mistake, you must act quickly to restore it.”

After this statement to YouTube, there are still many videos to reincorporate to the platform.

Comments from Some Affected YouTube-Account Owners

Most fraud victims used Twitter and Reddit to establish their discontent with YouTube. This occurred after, for no apparent reason, many people lost their videos related to Cryptocurrencies. The most influential people in Bitcoin spoke out respectfully complaining about the actions taken, labeling them as out of place.

Last conclusions

Very little time has passed to talk about what YouTube’s intentions have been in removing Bitcoin videos. However, the information handled so far is that this platform made a mistake by deleting certain videos. Even when he recognized his mistake, the lack of pronunciation has left many comments on this particular topic.

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