What Is The Best Way to Promote Your NFTs?

What Is The Best Way to Promote Your NFTs

Non-fungible tokens have made quite the splash over the past month with some NFTs soaring in value by tens of thousands of percentage points. Naturally, this has led to many people creating their own NFTs to take a slice of the NFT pie. 

Turning some art you made with Adobe Illustrator into an NFT can be done in a few minutes and an enormous Ethereum gas fee. Unfortunately, turning an NFT into something that someone wants to pay Ether for is much more difficult. Doing that requires a large amount of promotion.

Quite frankly, it’s extremely difficult to promote your NFT enough that people want to buy it. That said, there are ways to do it that this article will cover. Of course, a lot of promotion methods are very niche specific, so it helps to understand your niche. This article will only offer a very general overview of how to promote an NFT. 

5 Ways to Promote an NFT

Here are 5 ways to promote your NFT. Again, these are general guidelines for promotion. Successful promotion generally requires some sort of unique twist in order to differentiate it from the thousands of people spamming “check out my NFT” on social media platforms. 

Join NFT Telegram and Discord Channels

The first place to begin promoting your NFT is on NFT Telegram and Discord channels. However, do not copy paste “check out my NFT” on the channel. 

No one will check out your NFT because they will rightly assume it is low value. Instead, ask the group about an NFT that you found and give the link to your own NFT. 

This will create a little hype around your NFT from what appears to be an unrelated party.

Now, this is not the most whitehat method for promotion, but it does work out well when done properly. It is a good example of faking it until you make it.

Build a Following on Crypto Twitter

Another option is to build a following on Crypto Twitter. For those that do not know, Crypto Twitter refers to a group of Twitter accounts that almost exclusively tweet about cryptocurrency. 

More specifically, you should build a following on DeFi Twitter, but Crypto Twitter and DeFi Twitter have almost become the same thing at this point. 

Anyway, this is a somewhat long process. Once you build up a following, then you can promote your own NFT to them. You can also promote other things like signals groups and trading courses to earn affiliate commissions. 

In our opinion, this is the longest path to promoting your NFT, but it works extremely well. 

Build a Following on Normal Social Media

You can also build a following on normal social media doing just about anything. At that point you will have a large audience that you can promote your NFT to with the hope they buy it. 

This strategy does not work nearly as well unless you are extremely popular. Remember, most people have no idea about NFTs, so only a fraction of your followers will be interested in purchasing one from you. 

Building up an entire social media following simply to promote an NFT seems a little absurd. This method works best if you already have a big social media following or plan on building one as part of a greater business plan. 


Promote Your NFT to The Right Audience

A good piece of advice when it comes to promoting NFTs is to promote them to the right audience. This should be obvious, but we have seen some NFT promotion on channels that makes absolutely no sense. 

If you do steampunk art, then promote the NFT on steampunk channels (ie. Reddit, Discord, etc.). Do not try promoting your steampunk art on an anime forum. 

The two genres simply do not mix. Just because you have an NFT does not mean that people will buy it solely because of that. They generally want to buy an NFT in a genre that they already have experience in.

Paid Advertising

Finally, you can use paid advertising on a few different NFT websites to help drive some initial support for your NFT. 

Our opinion is that this strategy does not work particularly well because it is simply a more expensive version of spamming your NFT. Additionally, a lot of tech minded people into NFTs will have an ad blocking plugin or browser. 

That said, paid advertising does work for adding some name recognition to your NFT brand. 

Bonus Blackhat Method: Purchase Your Own NFT

A somewhat blackhat method to promote your NFT is to purchase your own NFT for a large amount of ETH. 

You can then use the purchase as a way to secretly promote your NFT on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, etc. 

Of course, this strategy only works well if you have a somewhat large amount of ETH and are willing to burn a few thousand dollars on gas fees. 

We do not really recommend a strategy like this. But it can work well if done properly and with a large enough budget. 

Is It Worth Making an NFT?

Making an NFT is not free – it will likely cost a few hundred dollars in gas fees. We only recommend creating your own NFT if you are very confident about your ability to promote it or if you already have a promotion channel established. 

Basically, creating an NFT is the easy part about the process. The hard part is actually getting someone to purchase it for enough to cover the gas fees. 

Final Thoughts

We covered it for the different methods to promote your NFT. The important takeaway from this is that it requires work to make an NFT valuable. 

If it was easy, then everyone would do it. That is also why we outlined the basic strategies for promoting an NFT rather than a step by step guide because, quite frankly, there is not a step by step guide for successfully promoting an NFT. 

It mostly comes down to hard work and a little bit of luck. 

Anyway, do not let this discourage you from creating an NFT. Just understand that it is not an easy nor instant process. 

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