What Is The Best DeFi Wallet Development Company In India?

What is the best DeFi wallet development company in India

Are you searching for the best development company in India for your DeFi wallet?

It’s a reasonable request. DeFi is becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency industry. And India has a reputation for excellent development at good prices. 

Anyway, this article will cover what to look for in a development company specializing in DeFi wallets. We will also make a recommendation about our top DeFi wallet development company in India.

What to look for in a DeFi wallet development company?

This section will cover what to look for before hiring a development company for a project. 

Good Record of Success

The first thing you want to look for before going with a development company for your DeFi wallet is a proven track record of success. 

This means you should ask for references and do your research. You should be wary of any development company that does not provide references or has a limited online presence. 

Does this mean the company is necessarily bad?

Not at all. But it does not look good when choosing a company to develop your project. 

Top Developers

Next, you should seek out a development company that has top developers. You usually are not able to speak to individuals on the development team.

However, you are able to speak to the project manager when deciding on a company. Does the project manager know what he is talking about? Or does he seem clueless when discussing coding?

If you are not familiar enough with coding to judge the project manager, then consider having a friend that knows programming speak to the developer. Any programmer can easily determine if a developer is the real deal or faking it. 

Meet Deadlines and Budget

Next, you want to ensure that the development company has a record of meeting its deadlines and budget estimates. 

This is an especially common problem with development companies. They will frequently exceed the deadline or go way over budget on the project. 

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this if it happens to you. But you can prevent it.

Basically, does the budget sound too low? Does the timeline seem too fast?

Remember, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. It’s also a good idea to add about 25% to the deadline and 25% to the budget when you get an estimate.

This gives you some room in the event that you received an overly optimistic estimate.  


Finally, you want to have a development company that has a record of confidentiality. This is actually easy to determine. 

Does the company show you the source code of previous projects? Does the company mention names, companies, and costs of previous projects?

That is a huge red flag in the world of software development – client information is supposed to be confidential. It’s ok to mention projects, but showing client work without permission is generally considered bad practice.

Avoid any development companies that are naming previous clients or sending you source code from other clients. 

What are some good DeFi wallet development companies in India?

With all that in mind, here are some of the best DeFi wallet development companies you will find in India. We are focusing on two companies and one freelance platform for this section. 

One of the companies is a large development company that focuses on all types of cryptocurrency development. The other is more of a boutique solution that caters to your needs.


Finally, we will cover hiring a freelancer to develop your DeFi wallet.



Bitdeal earns the top spot on our list because it is a full development company that offers a lot of different development services related to blockchain. 

You can actually purchase a script and use it to launch your own wallet or even cryptocurrency exchange. 

That’s right, Bitdeal has white label cryptocurrency exchanges. But that’s not why they earned a spot on our list.

They also offer a DeFi wallet development service. You can either purchase an already developed DeFi wallet and white label or you can have Bitdeal develop a DeFi wallet that meets your specifications. 

Bitdeal has been around since 2017 and has customers in over 70 different countries – it is a large company with a proven track record of success. And that is one of the most important things to look for when going with a development company.

As for the prices, that really depends on the level of development that your project will require. Purchasing an already developed project will cost less than having Bitdeal build a bespoke project.

We recommend contacting them with your project request. They will get back to you quickly because they do have great customer service.

Antier Solutions


Antier Solutions is another development company in India that focuses on DeFi. And just like Bitdeal, they offer white label projects or they can build a project entirely from scratch. 

The part we like about Antier Solutions is that they are a much smaller development company. This might sound like a negative, but it does mean that you will receive much more individual attention from the project manager. 

The prices with Antier Solutions tend to be a little lower than with other development companies, too. Of course, the exact price will depend on your project specifications. But it’s usually very reasonable with a fast turnaround time. 

Fiverr or Upwork

fiverr upwork

Your final choice is searching Fiverr or Upwork for developers that can develop a DeFi wallet. This is only really an option if you have a project small enough for one or two people to develop. 

If you have a large project, then you are better off going with a dedicated development company. The thing we like about Fiverr or Upwork is that they have an easy to use rating system and a good escrow service. 

Why to develop your own DeFi wallet?

There are a few reasons to develop your own DeFi wallet. The main reason is if you plan on launching your own cryptocurrency or wallet company. 

A DeFi wallet is secure, easy to use, and unhackable. 

Of course, you could develop a DeFi wallet for your own private use, but that is extremely rare. The vast majority of DeFi wallet development is for commercial purposes. 

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