What can we expect from Ripple XRP in 2022

What can we expect from Ripple XRP in 2022

Ripple XRP was a popular topic in the cryptocurrency community in 2021. We fully expect that trend to continue in 2022 with some major developments to the project, an outcome to the lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commision, and some interesting price action. 

This article will cover everything that we can expect from XRP in 2022. 

Conclusion to the SEC Lawsuit

The most impactful event that Ripple will have in 2022 will be the result of the lawsuit with the SEC. For those that don’t know, the SEC brought a lawsuit against Ripple Labs that claims Ripple Labs executives marketed Ripple as a security rather than a cryptocurrency . 

That aspect of the lawsuit appears to have some merit. Ripple does appear to pass the Howie test, that’s the test used to determine whether an asset is a security or not. However, the SEC has not sued other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum that pass the Howie test. 

This has led to speculation that the SEC lawsuit is a political lawsuit. Basically, the SEC is picking and choosing what cryptocurrencies they bring a lawsuit against. 

Anyway, the lawsuit will likely be resolved sometime in 2022. If the verdict is in favor of Ripple, then we can expect the price of XRP to rocket. On the other hand, a result in the SEC’s favor has the potential to completely destroy Ripple. 

The odds are certainly in Ripple’s favor for a variety of reasons, including the all-star legal team Ripple has hired, but the result could still go either way. 

Ripple’s Global Growth

Ripple has announced a few more partnerships that should come online in 2022. One of those that we really like is that LuLu exchange, a United Arab Emirate based exchange, will use RippleNet for payments between the UAE and Pakistan. 

This might sound minor, but it’s a step in the right direction for Ripple to get more partners onboard the payment processor. There is also a fair amount of money moving between the UAE and Pakistan because the UAE has an estimated population of 1.5 million Pakistanis. 

Ripple Liquidity Hub is another project set to launch in 2022. This is basically an exchange that finds the best cryptocurrency prices from a variety of different sources. The cryptocurrencies available on Ripple Liquidity Hub will include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Cash, and XRP. 

Ripple has focused on global growth ever since the lawsuit with the SEC was announced. This is likely due to the hesitancy that many US based companies have dealing with Ripple due to the SEC lawsuit. 

We also like the global focus because it gives Ripple a backup plan in the event that the SEC lawsuit does not go in Ripple’s favor. 

XRP Price Prediction for 2022

The price of XRP at the time of writing is currently $0.60. This is a far cry from the all-time high of $3.84 in January of 2018. 

The good news is that $0.60 is a fair amount higher than the all-time low of ~$0.25 when the lawsuit was first announced in December 2020. 

As for a price prediction, the price of XRP will most likely stay static until the SEC lawsuit is resolved. An outcome that favors Ripple could see the price of XRP double within a few months of the announcement. 

An outcome that favors the SEC has a good chance of completely destroying the company’s plans for US growth, which would have a very negative impact on the price. In that case, we would expect the price to fall somewhere around the previous all-time low of $0.25. Can Ripple hit 10$ this year? Read our opinion here.

The Final Verdict on Ripple (XRP) in 2022

Ripple receives a lot of criticism from the more hardcore side of the cryptocurrency community. However, it’s by no means a terrible project and certainly has the potential to become a very useful component of centralized finance

That said, if you want a true cryptocurrency (ie. decentralized), then we would not recommend Ripple. Ripple is more akin to a bank that utilizes some aspects of the blockchain than an actual cryptocurrency that has true decentralization.

As for the performance of Ripple in 2022, the only thing that matters for Ripple in 2022 is the result of the lawsuit. It’s great that the company is focusing on expanding globally because, well, they can’t do much in the United States. However, everyone is essentially holding their breath waiting for the results of the lawsuit before making any commitments with XRP or Ripple. 

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