Twitter CEO Attends Meetup in Ghana after Investing in a Startup

Twitter CEO Attends Meetup in Ghana after Investing in a Startup

GHANA, Africa – The CEO of Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey, attended a meetup. This visit was weeks after investing in a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin (BTC). He traveled to Africa for the small meetup, and included in his visits were Ghana and Nigeria. Moreover, he visited the conference in the region with two Bitcoin advocates.

Dorsey came with Atsu Davoh and Samuel Boahen on November 11. The meetup was organized by Bitcoin, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Moreover, he’s been defending this digital coin, which is also the reason why he visited the conference.

Atsu Davoh is the CEO of BitSika Africa, and Samual Boahen is the developer and founder of IC.

Dorsey shared at a conference held in Nigeria that he’s in Africa to resolve out a plan that he’ll improve. He also explained that it’s another reason is to realize the trials of introducing a company there.

Bitcoin’s exhaust in Africa received drawn-out headlines, and one specific story states that millennials on the region can’t win sufficient when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Africa’s aspects come along with the map in improving a hit mobile currency value rails to show the unbanked, which is also to make a mixture part within the official financial scheme. On the other hand, Bitcoin supporters say that this cryptocurrency could create a selection this smooth additional.


In July, at an instance, in 365 days, Bitcoin trades rose in Zimbabwe. This happening was after the authorities of President Emmerson Mnangagwa excluded the utilization of global substitute for payment of native dealings.

The tech tycoon was overwhelmed to present his participation within the region’s cryptocurrency market. He publicly acknowledged Atdu, which is also a Bitcoin advocate. He thanked the CEO of Bit Sika, a cash transfer service, on Twitter for assembling a checklist for Bitcoin Africa.

No shock was delivered regarding the shenanigans of Dorsey since he tweeted about the cryptocurrency enrolment pressure of Square earlier.

Dorsey talked about the cryptocurrency promise. The blockchain knowledge became geared in the way of permitting patrons. This direction is by proposing out of the typical alter and transparency. Moreover, explaining why he foresees these supporters as significant parts of the world.

Dorsey spoke more about Twitter in October, and he stated that the company is not joining Facebook in its controversial cryptocurrency, which is called Libra. The aim is to possibly pacify several digital coin advocates who guarantee decentralized alternative solutions.

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