Top Cryptocurrency Gainers Exclude XRP on the List

Top Cryptocurrency Gainers Exclude XRP on the List

CALIFORNIA, United States – Ripple Labs (XRP) is excluded from the list of top digital asset earners, who gain about $12 billion daily in the market.

The Ripple blockchain’s innate asset flopped by 2.19% on Monday, December 23, wherein it established an intraday low that’s worth $0.194. The downside change canceled the gains of this company by 1.38%, which was registered throughout the exchange session on Sunday. Also, it pushed the digital asset’s 24-hour amended performance lower by 0.77%.

In contrast, other cryptocurrencies were coping better, such as Bitcoin (BTC). It’s one of the leading digital assets in the market, and on the 24-hour attuned timeframe, this cryptocurrency is up by 5.41% as of 13:00 UTC.

On the other hand, Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the market, was likewise exchanging 2.86% greater, displaying little-to-no indicators of upside fatigue.

After the announcement of Ripple Labs about raising $200 million in a Series C financing round, the intraday losses in it. The firm at San Francisco provides blockchain-based cross border payment services to banks and other settling institutions. Moreover, after the fundraiser, it has a value worth $10 billion.

Nonetheless, the news made a few adjustments to enhance the interim features of XRP. On a year-to-date scale, the token’s value plunged by 52%, and it got a 3.86% gain on the announcement day. However, it failed to prolong the upside moment, which frequently remained flat throughout the sessions.


The move came as a problem to analysts who expected XRP to gain after the classy fundraiser event of Ripple. Kate Rooney, a host in CNBC Fast Money, pointed out the longstanding deficit of the token. Rooney also stated that XRP swayed depositors because of the quarterly sell-offs.

According to Tone Vays, a renowned market expert and cryptocurrency trader established serious remarks contrary to XRP in a previous interview. As per him, after Ripple remains to dump, XRP tokens were added.

As per Block TV, the market analyst foresees Bitcoin reaching $50,000 and by the year 2023.

Some users think that Ripple is a Silicon Valley-unicorn regardless of the continuing FUD counter to it.

Arrington XRP Capital’s partner named Michael Arrington shielded Ripple by bringing its depositors’ psyche in the conversation. He recognized the ability of the company to fascinating huge names like SBI Holdings, VC firm Route 66 Ventures, and Tetragon as foremost depositors.

As per Kevin Cage, and XRP client, he will continue to hold the digital asset despite the FUD. He stated that he would not thank the Insiders/Riddlers when XRP unavoidably rises.

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