The Top Performing Stocks of 2020

The Top Performing Stocks of 2020

We all know the stock market goes up and down, and we never know when it will do what. But that’s okay. If you invest in stocks, it should be for the long haul, right? It’s not a get rich quick gimmick, and you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

It’s all about diversifying, but some of your portfolios should be in stocks, especially if you want to be aggressive.

But what stocks do you invest in? Are the traditional stocks still the ‘it stocks’, or should you look at the newer players? What are the top-performing stocks of 2020 post-pandemic?

Let’s look at the list below.


With four social media apps in its realm, Facebook has a lot to offer. Did they take a hit when the pandemic hit? Sure, every company did. With digital advertising taking a downturn, Facebook slowed down too, but not for long, and its stock didn’t take too large of a hit.

As things get back to normal, so will advertising budgets, which means Facebook will be back on track and beyond. As a leader in the global digital ad market, Facebook will remain a force to be reckoned with for at least the next few years, if not more.


You would know the value of Clorox if you did any type of shopping over the last few months. Wiped off the shelves and on backorder until the middle of the summer, Clorox has never been in hotter demand. While the coronavirus pandemic dwindles (we hope), the need for Clorox products won’t dwindle anytime soon.

With the threat of a second wave of the virus and with a hyperawareness of the need to sanitize everything we all touch, Clorox is a hot stock. Everyone wants a piece of it, at least for the time being while its products are in hot demand.


Grocery stores remained open, as they are an essential business, and people flocked to them, almost like hoarders. It was as if the world was ending. It was the norm to see empty shelves of things you’d typically see stocked full every time you went to the store.

Even today, with other businesses opening up and economies somewhat getting back to normal, grocery stores remained packed, and shelves remain wiped out. Kroger is among them, and its stock has done very well through all of this. As we continue to navigate our new normal, Kroger’s experts predict the stock will keep going up. This means now is a great time to jump in and ride the wave.



Amazon never disappoints, right? The same goes for its stock. With at least a 20% growth expected for the year, Amazon continues to show its prowess. Always on alert for ways to expand and with talks about them buying out AMC, there’s plenty to love about this stock that shows its staying power year in and year out.


If you’ve heard of the gig economy, you’ve heard of Fiverr. While it’s on the smaller end compared to giants, like Amazon, the latest happenings in the world make Fiverr a natural go-to for anyone looking to operate online. Fiverr is worth about $1.5 billion, which isn’t anywhere near the other stocks on this list, but it’s a force to be reckoned with, especially if the work-at-home trend continues.

While stocks go up and down, there are always the tried and true favorites that stick around. Whether you want to jump on an up-and-coming stock or you’d rather stick with the stocks that have demonstrated staying power through the years, the stocks on this list will get you started.

Bottom Line

Investing in stocks should be a long-term strategy, though. Don’t think about doing it only for the short-term. You’ll be disappointed in your earnings, and you won’t realize your goals. Diversify your portfolio, putting some in stocks and other money in less aggressive investments that promise to balance things out when the stock market goes haywire as it did at the start of the pandemic. The smallest events can set off the stock market, so investing it all in one place is never a good idea.

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