Tesla CEO Talks about Bitcoin in a Podcast Session

Tesla CEO Talks about Bitcoin in a Podcast Session

USA – The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, talks about his opinions regarding Bitcoin in the previous podcast session of Third Row Tesla.

According to Musk, he said that he’s “neither here nor there” on the cryptocurrency when he was asked during a session of the Third Row Tesla podcast. He became a famous internet character in recent years, wherein it joined in several podcasts. He became a significant part of the meme communal on the internet. Nonetheless, one area where his opinions were expected yet never confirmed is the digital asset segment.

Musk posted various tweets stating cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, as well as Dogecoin. He said that digital assets are his favorite ideas. Though, he never acknowledged being a cryptocurrency user or depositor. Moreover, he never clarified his stand until today.

Previously, Musk participated in a podcast episode of Third Row Tesla, and he deliberated several subjects, which include digital assets. The hosts asked him about his thoughts regarding Bitcoin, and he provided a cryptic response. He said that he’s “neither here nor there.”

Musk didn’t leave a cryptic response after the host asked him regarding his insights. He expounded on his thoughts about cryptocurrency, and he revealed that he admires the concept, which he thinks was clever. Moreover, he also had worries about their part in making unlawful transactions.

Musk stated that there are unlawful transactions, and there are several laws in various countries. The CEO explained further that cash is utilized for such transactions, yet for illegal ones to happen, money should also be used for lawful transactions. Furthermore, he simplified it to an “illegal-to-legal bridge.” It’s where the cryptocurrency takes place.

Musk confessed that cryptocurrency is not entirely dark, wherein he emphasized the utilization of the dark web. He also stated that there are places that don’t accept cash anymore, which indicates that there are chances to utilize digital assets legally.

The CEO of Tesla concluded by stating that he might see digital assets as a substitute for cash, yet he said that it’s not a primary database.

On the other hand, the part of Bitcoin in unlawful transactions, especially those on the dark web, is not a secret at all. Cryptocurrencies spent more time in the dark than they spend in the light. What’s worth remembering is that digital assets became famous in the year 2017, when the price of Bitcoin started to increase. It caused the most significant bull run that was witnessed in the whole cryptocurrency history.

Even so, Musk highlighted that he’s not judgmental of cryptocurrency. He thinks that there are lots of unlawful things that shouldn’t be. Furthermore, with his view regarding digital assets, he appears to believe that the destiny of digital assets has yet to be defined, especially in the finance part.

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