Stock Market Next Week: Watch Out for These Companies

Stock Market Next Week Watch Out for These Companies

NEW YORK, N.Y. – The easing tensions in the Middle East and the imminent signing of the US-China trade deal helped Wall Street surge to all-time highs last week. It will be a different challenge next week though, as US firms will begin reporting how they performed in the fourth quarter. The following companies are the ones investors would want to keep a close eye on.

2019 was a good year for Delta Air Lines, and the company continues to reap the benefits. The company is set to reveal its Q4 revenue before markets open on Tuesday. Investors are anticipating a profit of $1.34 per share on sales amounting to around $11.34 billion.

The US carrier was aggressive in its expansion last year, with the company shelling out $1.9 billion to secure a 20% share in the LATAM Airlines Group. The company also successfully maintained its 2-3% growth in non-fuel costs for every seat per mile.

Delta had announced in December that its adjusted earnings for 2020 will be around $6.75 to $7.75 a share, while top line earnings will increase four to six percent.

JPMorgan Chase & Co will be in traders’ radars again next week, but that’s hardly surprising. The powerful investment and commercial bank’s slated to share its fourth quarter earnings on Tuesday, and experts are predicting a share profit of $2.35. The company has reportedly reached $27.87 billion in sales.

The previous year was a good one for JPMorgan Chase, with its investment banking group benefiting from a robust lending and business endeavors. The bank even posted its largest jump in revenue from fixed income trading in the third quarter of 2019.

It seems the company will continue to advance this year. Company shares broke records early in January when it reached $141.10. Stocks were up by more than 35% from last year.

Another company to watch out for s Schlumberger. The oil services company will also be reporting its last quarter earnings next week, and a $0.37 profit per share on sales of around $8.17 billion is expected.

Schlumberger is currently the world’s biggest oil services provider and operates in over 120 countries. But it was only in October last year that the company started recovering in international financial circles. The company’s shares closed at $39.83 on Friday. It has gained 30% in the last three months alone.

The company’s global earnings potential is reportedly set to be four times higher than their competitors due to its operating margin and larger share of the market.

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