Singapore to Control Trades in Cryptocurrency Results

Singapore to Control Trades in Cryptocurrency Results

SINGAPORE – The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) strategize to permit the trading of derivatives concerning Bitcoins and alike cryptocurrencies. This plan will pave the way for monitoring oversight since these products become famous among depositors.

The proposed changes were defined in the paper, and these were changes to the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore that will apply to accepted exchanges.  Moreover, the transactions include qualified intermediaries like brokers, and the Singapore Exchange.

MAS shared that industry participants send them inquiries, and these partakers are keen to trade and list cryptocurrency byproducts. These city-state derivatives are known as payment token derivatives.

According to MAS, the exchange of the most famous digital coins has been on unfettered markets. There were claims of fabricated trades, market handling, and cornering. Also, this bank said that global institutional investors stated their interest in a controlled substitute that could lessen some concerns.

Since cryptocurrencies were introduced a period ago, these digital currencies attracted interest. The daily exchange values for dollars were in billions. The famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has a market value of $148 billion, and this value was based on the total in circulation. This information was according to a renown cryptocurrency website called coinmarketcap.com.

Investors in Singapore these days can trade digital coins on different overseas exchanges. They also purchase through byproducts provided by Oanda and IG.


It was reported that more cryptocurrency tradings are asking for the consent of authorities to satisfy the concerns of the investors regarding the risks on unregulated platforms.

On Thursday, Tokyocrypto shared a statement that this cryptocurrency exchange became the first one in Indonesia to be a registered official platform ratified by the government.

Lawrence Loh, an assistant professor at NUS Business School, stated that the specialists are giving more attention to cryptocurrencies due to its fame. One reason is that companies, like Facebook, prepare to unveil their digital tokens. However, the guidelines may vary depending on the country. Moreover, he also shared that we are in a state of searching for equilibrium.

MAS will need certified intermediaries and approved trades to enforce higher limits for retail depositors. Also, it includes the risk notices in their advertising material.

The central bank mentioned those payment coin derivatives, which are not presented by a qualified exchange, will not be under the Securities and Futures Act.

The consultation period of MAS will end on December 20. Moreover, people can expect new procedures to take place next year.

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