Russia Plans to Issue Blanket Sanction on Cryptocurrency Outlays

Russia Plans to Issue Blanket Sanction on Cryptocurrency Outlays

RUSSIA – The Rosfinmonitoring and the Central Bank of Russia prepare to provide a blanket ban on digital tokens as Russia is not ready to have ample patience to deal with cryptocurrency.

The Government of Russia considered the probability of meddling in the cryptocurrency of the country. Calls were made to permit virtual assets entirely, yet the Kremlin is not equipped with the patience to agree with these.

According to the news reported by BeInCrypto, this news domain detailed how the monetary observing watchdog named Rosfinmonitoring and the Central Bank of Russia are ready to issue a ban on virtual payments.

Alexei Yakovlev from the Ministry of Finance of Russia, lead the opposition. He doesn’t see Bitcoin as a useful payment scheme.

Yakovlev, the banking regulation department’s deputy head, also stated the necessity to restrain the increasing usage of cryptocurrency as payments.

The Central Bank of Russia abstained from making any formal announcement about this matter. Moreover, unknown sources inside the bank consider that an initiative is wanted.

Cryptocurrency payments in Russia grew. Cafes, bars, and online stores accept Bitcoin, one of the famous cryptocurrencies, as a payment method. This country boasted its rising economy of remote employees that provide services to customers outside the borders.

Freelancers around the globe use Bitcoin as a way of removing charges from payment processors. This renowned cryptocurrency proved its worth as an asset for several clients.


After the Russian government considered the possibility of virtual currencies to be tangled in illegal activities, the news came.

As per the news reported by RBC, a local news medium, many government organizations were tasked with imposing and developing procedures that would be utilized in bringing out these seizures. These agencies include the office of the Prosecutor General, the Justice Ministry, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Moreover, these organizations will come with the Russian Supreme Court’s assistance.

The execution of these guidelines will not be smooth. Konstantin Golikov spoke with RBC, and he explained that rules are required to be in public for a seizure to work. Also, he mentioned that cryptocurrency assets would need to be accepted as an equivalent or cash.

Golikov is the chief executive and the co-owner of the DailyRich platform.

According to Golikov, if law enforcement organizations start to deliberate cryptocurrency’s forfeiture, then the administration is launching an instrument for authorizing digital assets on Russia’s territory. He also stated his opinion that the Bank of Russia will resist it.

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