Rich Little Net Worth: All You Need to Know

Rich Little Net Worth

Rich Little is a voice actor and impressionist with an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars. Born on the 26th of November 1938 in Ontario, Canada, Little established a partnership with Geoff Scott during his early teens. Scott, who was also an impressionist, later turned into a politician.

Little and Scott concentrated on replicating the voices of several Canadian politicians, including John Diefenbaker who used to be the country’s Prime Minister. They also reproduced the voice of Charlotte Whitton, the mayor of Ottawa. When Little was 17, he started performing at various nightclubs.

Around the late 1950s, he appeared in some theater productions and bagged his first award for acting from the Eastern Ontario Drama Festival. Later on, Little worked as a DJ while doing impersonations in some of his shows.

In 1963, Rich Little auditioned for The Judy Garland Show and eventually became a part of the show. While part of the show, he imitated several famous artists including Johnny Carson, James Stewart, Dean Martin, Don Rickles, George Burns, and Truman Capote. Because of his outstanding performances, he later became a household name.

Later on, Rich Little was cast on several television shows and specials that include That Girl, Love on a Rooftop, Santa Barbara, The Tonight Show, The ABC Comedy Hour, The Julie Andrews Hours, as well as The Muppet Show.

Little also played the role of Johnny Carson in the famous HBO show, “The Late Shift” He also did voice-overs on some cartoon shows such as The Raccoons on Ice and Futurama. Little also overdubbed Gene Kelly and David Niven when both actors got so sick that they couldn’t do a voice-over of their own productions.

Because of his ability to dub numerous voices, Mel Blanc referred to him as “The Man of a Thousand Voices.”

Rich Little’s Early Life

In 1971, Rich Little married Jeanne Worden but the marriage ended in 1989 after their divorce. Jeanne had a daughter of her own named Bria.

In 1994, Little wed Jeanette Markey but they divorced in 1997. He then went on to marry Marie Marotta in 2003 and remained married to her until her death in 2010. According to reports, Marie died in a suspected sleeping pills overdose. At that time, she was suffering from chronic pain.

In 2012, Little married for the fourth time to Catherine Brown. They had a private wedding ceremony. But the two got divorced in October of the same year. Little had a daughter named Lyndsay Cottrell who was born in 1988.

A Golden Palm Star was dedicated to Little in 1998. This was placed in the Walk of Stars in Palm Springs, California. In 2010, Little got the American citizenship in Las Vegas, which was his residence at the time.


Aside from being a professional impressionist, Little is also active in numerous charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network and the Juvenile Diabetes Fund.

To honor him, the Special Care Nursery at Ottawa Civic Hospital was named after him. He’s also an avid supporter of the Gary Sinise Foundation, a foundation that helps the veterans.

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