PSX Surged 4.65% Up, 1600+ Upsurge as Weeklong Trade Ends

PSX Surged 4.65% Up, 1600+ Upsurge as Weeklong Trade Ends

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – After a weeklong trade concludes, the PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange shoots up to 4.65% with over 1600 points upsurge.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange was ruled by optimistic sentiments during the entire trading week. Compared to its 3,477.61 points from last Saturday, PSX shoots up its KSE-100 index by 1600.55, lifting it to 35,978.16 as of the last trading day.

Throughout the whole week, optimism ruled over the KSE-100. There wasn’t a single day during the whole trading week that ended with some bearish trends to dampen the highly optimistic growth. The index even went up to as much as 4.65% at the end of the trading week.

With the positive performance all throughout the week, the index has grown optimistically with a 2.62% increase. It has reached 899.85 points on Monday. Then, a 0.23% gain followed on Tuesday, gaining 80.85 points. Wednesday also turned out very well with a 0.83% gain or 295.02 points increase. Thursday followed the same positive streak, gaining 0.30% or 105.19 points. The trading week ended with another 0.61% gain, or 219.64 points increased on Friday.

From the break-up figures, Friday ended with a high 35,758.52 basis points, significantly higher about 0.61% or 219.64 points from the 35,758.52 points from Thursday. It shows an optimistic change from the 210,573,470 total shares traded, which values about Rs. 6.552 billion.

From the shares transactions in the market today, from a total of 370 companies, 206 of them recorded an increase, 144 companies with sustained losses, and 20 companies with the unchanged share price.

On Thursday, before the trading week died down, the KSE index noted an increase of 105.19 points, with the index closing at 35,758.52 points. There were 265,966,053 total shares traded, which values about Rs 8.026 billion. From the 366 companies involved in trading shares, 155 of them gained a positive change, 191 came out with sustained losses, and 20 companies had share prices unchanged.

Wednesday trading ended with 298,062,496 total shares traded, valuing around Rs 10.529 billion. Three hundred seventy-nine companies, in total, participated with 248 gaining momentum, 115 companies with sustained losses, and 16 with unchanged share prices.

Tuesday ended with a total of 308,484,510 shares, valuing around Rs 8.678 billion. Monday, the first trading day gained a hefty 2.62% or 899.85 points, going up from the 35,277.46 points on Saturday. Traded shares reached 207,782,700 in total, which values around Rs 8.480 billion. A total of 370 companies traded shares, 278 out of which witnessed gains, 80 companies came out with sustained losses, and 12 companies with an unchanged share price

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