Populous Coin (PPT) and Populous World – Explained

Populous Coin PPT

Populous Coin (PPT) is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is an invoice financing and sales platform. Basically, it allows users to buy and sell invoices on the Populous blockchain. 

Anyway, this article will explain how this technology works, how you can use it, and our prediction for the future of it. 

How Populous World Works

Populous World is an invoice financing marketplace that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, Populous World allows businesses to sell invoices to third parties

Why would a business sell an invoice?

Simple. The business wants to receive money immediately rather than waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to receive payment. 

The better question, why would a business use Populous World over a standard invoice financing option?

Populous World has extremely low fees compared to traditional invoice financing companies. The payment is also much faster than those traditional companies. 

It’s a win-win scenario.

Now, to answer the question, Populous World works in a very simple manner. A business that wants to sell invoices signs up for Populous World – a background check is conducted to ensure that the business is legitimate. 

No fake businesses or shell companies are allowed on the platform.

Once approved, the business can list any invoice they want on the marketplace. Buyers can then review the invoices and make an offer with a discount on the total invoice. This typically depends on the likelihood of the company to pay the invoice.

The buyer then pays for the invoice and the funds are disbursed to the seller. At a later date, the seller comes back to pay the buyer of the invoice.

So, that covers the basics on how Populous World works, but there is still a lot more to understand about the platform and the tokens that are used on the platform.

What is Populous Coin (PPT)?

Populous Coin (PPT) is one of the cryptocurrencies used on the Populous World platform. This is the external facing token on Populous World – if you want to turn your invoice into fiat currency, then you will have to transfer it to Populous Coin (PPT) and then sell it on an exchange. 

You can also buy Populous Coin as a sort of investment in Populous World. 

However, the price of PPT is not stable, which can make conducting business transactions with it risky. To solve that problem, the Populous World team created a stablecoin that can be used for the transactions. 

That stablecoin is called Pokens.

How Pokens Work

The way Pokens work is pretty simple. 1 Poken is equal to 1 British Pound, which can then be used as a medium of exchange for any fiat currency. The peg is regulated by a liquidity pool of buyers selling PPT for Pokens to use on the Populous World exchange or sellers selling Pokens for PPT to turn into fiat currency.

Anyway, all this allows investors from across the world to purchase any invoice from a British seller.

The benefit, of course, is that the price of Pokens remains stable, so the seller does not have to worry about the price changing on them between the sale and selling it on an exchange. 

It’s a wonderful system.

But it gets better, the real benefit is that Pokens are standard ERC-20 tokens.

This means that Pokens can be sent to any Ethereum wallet – they are not locked onto the Populous World platform. 


In other words, you can use Pokens as an ERC-20 stablecoin if you don’t trust Tether or the other stablecoins. 

To summarize, Pokens are a stablecoin used on the Populous World platform, but they are not exclusively used on Populous World. You can use the tokens anywhere that accepts them, which makes them a very interesting stablecoin.

How Much Does PPT Cost

PPT currently costs about $6 per token, which is a far way off from the all-time high of nearly $70 per PPT back in January 2018 at the peak of the ICO bubble. 

That said, $6 per coin is still not a bad price – one must look at the project and see that Populous World has a burgeoning community and does solve a real problem with invoice financing. 

As for the market cap, it’s a respectable $336 million, which ranks it as the 168th most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. 

Where To Buy PPT

PPT is available for purchase on Binance, OKEx, and KuCoin. We recommend purchasing it on Binance with Bitcoin because that trading pair on Binance has the most volume of any exchange that lists PPT. 

The daily PPT trading volume on Binance is $30.5 million. That is more than enough liquidity to make buying and selling very easy. 

Our Prediction for PPT

Our prediction for PPT is very bullish – it’s a solid project with an undervalued cryptocurrency. Pokens is also another great stablecoin that many have made the case for as a better stablecoin than Tether. 

The Populous World has plans to expand the number of businesses that can sell invoices on the platform by increasing the amount of countries that can sell invoices on the platform. In our opinion, that is the best strategy for Populous World to continue to grow. 

We would classify Populous World as another instance of blockchain/decentralized technology eating the standard world of finance by utilizing lower fees, faster transaction times, and less red tape. 

Overall, everything about Populous World looks good in the long term future. As we said, decentralization/blockchain will eat traditional finance in the long term and Populous World will be a part of that. 

Final Thoughts

That covers it for everything about Populous World and Populous Coin (PPT). It’s an interesting project with a lot of potential to greatly disrupt invoice financing. Lower fees, faster transaction times, and the availability of the platform to businesses that typically cannot use invoice financing make it a great alternative to traditional invoice financing. 

The coin itself is backed by companies and investors that use the platform to buy and sell invoices, so it has some use other than as a store of value. 

With all that said, we really like this cryptocurrency and project. It serves as a good reminder that everything in traditional finance has a decentralized (or blockchain) solution that greatly reduces costs, time, and makes it open to a larger segment of the population. 

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