Pot Stocks to Invest In September 2019: They are About to Get Red Hot

pot stocks to invest in september 2019

Are you searching for the right place to invest? Did you ever hear about pot stocks? Nowadays, pot stocks of the marijuana industry are an excellent attraction for expert traders. Last year the industry hit $11 billion in sales. Also, it was expected to surpass $40 billion in sales in future years.

So, if you are searching for the right guide about pot stocks to invest in September 2019, we will answer your questions. Keep on reading to find out which are the most recommended pot stocks. By learning more about these stocks, you will decide whether they are worth the investment in the next months of 2019.

Hexo Corp | NYSE: HEXO
Hexo Corp | NYSE: HEXO chart

Though the Cannabis industry is generating high revenue in recent years, it is facing several challenges. Canada’s constraints and US tax policies left the worst impact on the stock value of the cannabis producer companies. In such a situation, some of the cannabis companies are still showing their excellent performance in the stock market.

HEXO is one of these companies. It signed a multiyear supply deal in 2018, which helped it to grow its sales. This partnership deal also helped HEXO to show a 30% rise in its market shares.

With such growth, traders are expecting more progress from HEXO. That’s why they are investing in HEXO shares to enjoy the long-term opportunity. If you are also searching for the right place to invest your money, HEXO might be the best option for you.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. | OTCMKTS: CWBHF
Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. | OTCMKTS: CWBHF chart

Are you thinking of investing in Charlotte’s Web? Well, investing in the right platform brings excellent advantages to investors. That is why every trader searches for the right platform. Charlotte’s Web is distributing its services to thousands of stores worldwide.

Still, the company is searching for more projects and deals to increase its annual revenue generation. With its marvelous progress in the cannabis market, Charlotte’s Web is offering $0.28 per share in fiscal 2019.

As the company is making new deals with the distributors and companies, it requires more marijuana to supply. Thus, the company decided to increase the space to harvest the plants and enjoy more sales annually. Recently the company also announced to grow 187% of its harvesting area.

Moreover, previously, the company had 300 acreages of hemp to plant for harvest. However, now, with its marvelous success, it expanded its space to 862 acreages. The more purchase of space is evidence that the company is having some great plans, which will undoubtedly lead to its enormous success. Thus, investing in the company’s share has the potential to let investors enjoy a high profit in the future.

Innovative Industrial Properties Inc | NYSE: IIPR
Innovative Industrial Properties Inc | NYSE: IIPR chart

Along with other successful pot stocks, Innovative Industrial Properties proved its worth in the stock market with a 20% rise in its shares. The company is now struggling hard to attract new investors. For that, it issues 1.5 million new shares in July.

Moreover, the company is trying to build its investors. In other words, it is trying to meet all the expectations of the traders. The company is having enough funds ($118 billion) to satisfy any risk associated with its new projects. Thus, there are very few chances of loss to the company. The company already has enough funds to start new projects, but it is more focusing on its investor building.

Further, the company is announcing new and attractive projects to generate more revenue and gain a prominent position in the market. It recently announced the acquiring of property in Massachusetts from Trulieve Cannabis.

With such acquiring, IIP signed an agreement to lease the property to the company for ten years. And with such leasing contracts, IIP is expected to earn more and enjoy a rise in its stock rates. Thus, it is recommended to invest in IIP stocks and enjoy making high profits in the future.

Bottom Line

Though we recommended the above stocks to enjoy high profits in the future, nothing can be said with certainty. Therefore, it is recommended for each investor to analyze the market carefully. Evaluate where you can get maximum profit.

Moreover, an in-depth analysis will also help you to understand better the way each company operates. After all, the more you know about a company, the better the chance for an excellent investment is.

Further, investing in those shares may bring high profits for you. Thus, have a keen look at stock shares and evaluate which investment will bring benefits for you and why. It will protect you from any loss. Also, it is recommended to hold the shares for a long time. By doing so, you could enjoy the highest profit on your investment.

Also, if you want to know more about ‘Pot Stocks to Invest in 2019‘, stay connected with our website. We will keep you up to date and aware of the best stock investment-related information. By reading our articles, it will be easier for you to know more about where and why to invest in 2019.

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