No Updates on Trade Deals Causes Mix on Asian Shares

No Updates on Trade Deals Causes Mix on Asian Shares

Singapore – On Tuesday, Asian share markets were mixed as the market waited for another day for any update on the progress of the trade deal between the China and U.S. The lack of update has faded the trading hope of some investors.

The broadest index of the Asia-Pacific shares of the MSCI outside Japan’s mainland has increased to 0.2 percent. This is due to China’s stimulus lifting the blue chips of up to 0.8 percent and 1 percent for the Hang Seng of Hong Kong.

On the other hand, a drop of 0.2 percent in Japan’s Nikkie can be observed, and the Kospi 200 of South Korea has also dropped to 0.3 percent. An increase of 0.4 percent in Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 can also be observed.

Mizuho Bank’s Asia Treasury Department head of economics and strategy in Singapore, Vishnu Varathan, said that it would be passive. He added that the focus is now concentrated on dissolving the treasure of the trade war between the U.S. and China as it is starting to affect global growth.

He continued by saying that there are still doubts that linger among investors, trying to predict if the two large economies would be stuck in the first phase of their deal.

A report from the CNBC stated that Beijing’s mood in sealing the agreement remains negative.


As of now, an introduction of a new extension that allows the U.S. companies to continue their business with Huawei, a Chinese telecom giant, is suggesting an olive branch.

However, even the morsel shed cannot shed light with regards to the progress of the U.S.-China trade deal. And the week’s listless trading is now suggesting that the resolution everyone is waiting for is nowhere near.

The chief market strategist of the CMC Markets in Sydney, Michael McCarthy, said that they are all still waiting for updates. He added that the longer they are kept in the dark, the more it will give birth to many more concerns. The reality that they are all facing right now is that the clock continues to tick.

December 15 is the next deadline for an update concerning the dispute. Another U.S. tariff on Chinese products is bound to take effect.

The British pound, heading towards $1.30, shows that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is now headed towards the victory of the election to take place on December 12 is considered as the biggest mover in just one night.

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