Nifty, Sensex Rallied, Hitting New Record Highs on Tuesday

Nifty, Sensex Rallied, Hitting New Record Highs on Tuesday

MAHARASHTRA, India – one day after the Sensex reached a new all-time high, powering the Indian stock market to reach a new milestone, The Nifty followed with a new record high as it tracks about 58 points during Tuesday trading session.

The recent gains in the Indian stock market came after foreign market players powered up the Rs 18,154 core for this month. The number was based on the data compiled and reported by the National Securities Depository Ltd., marking the highest monthly inflow for the country since March this year.

Commenting on the increasing optimism in the Indian stock market, Saurabh Mukherjea, a market expert and founder of Marcellus Investment Managers, said that the country has hardly lost any money over the two years following the elections in India. Mukherjea also stated that the current rally, which is full of bullish sentiments, is familiar territory for the Indian market, which he noted that Indian has already gained over 27% per year on average from the last two years after the last general election.  It is a lot higher compared to the 14% long-term average of the country.

According to Mukherjea, the positive output and outlook of the Indian market are mainly powered by the typical economic reforms that usually comes after the elections.

On the other hand, as Nifty 50 starts trading in record highs, not all market experts are too optimistic about its future. According to the co-founder of Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisers LLP, Basant Maheshwari, the current optimistic trading session for the Nifty 50 might not be enough for investors to find comfort in. Maheshwari said that despite the record highs for today’s session, the Nifty small-cap index is only 47% from its record high.


Despite the record highs, most market players haven’t covered their shorts from the previous trading sessions yet, said Maheshwari. According to him, taking into consideration the historical evidence of Nifty, it doesn’t keep up with its all-time highs. Maheshwari also stated that for Nifty to reach between 12,500 and 13,000, which he said can be reached within three to four months, market players must buy massive stocks, lock, and stock.

Another market expert, the director, and chief investment officer from Alchemy Capital, Hiren Ved, also said that the 2020-2021 financial year is expected to be phenomenal for the stock markets. He expects a more bullish year next year even if the economy might still be pacing an agonizing but steady path in the future.

In the global market, stocks are also expected to have an optimistic trading session as trade hope increases with the recent news from the US and Chinese government.

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