Morning Briefing: US Tariffs, Russia Meddling in Brexit, Cannabis Drugs

Morning Briefing US Tariffs, Russia Meddling in Brexit, Cannabis Drugs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday Briefing:  European carmakers promise to head off US tariffs, the British Prime minister decides to shield reports on Russia meddling with Brexit, and England and Wales recently gave limited approval on medical marijuana.

Euro Carmakers Working on Efforts to Delay Tariffs

The US administration is currently in talks with the carmakers all over Europe about growing their employment and investments in the US. This move is significant in delaying the potentially crushing tariffs on auto imports in the US.

The discussion between the Trump administration and the Euro carmakers come ahead before the deadline of the US President, Donald Trump, on Wednesday to put forth a decision whether the US is going to enforce tariffs on both car parts and foreign cars. The Trump administration has also declared the issue as a national security threat.

While there isn’t currently a fixed deal, Euro carmakers already said that they have already in understanding with the US about delaying the tariffs for a couple of months.

Based on a senior American official, Germany’s car industry, which is currently on the verge of recession, has pledged to make 25,000 jobs in US factories.

British Prime Minister Under Fire Over Russia-Brexit File

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is taking heat for shielding a report about the involvement of Russia in the Brexit referendum, not until the after the polls next month.

There have been recent leaks and rumors about oligarchs from Russia sending money to politicians in the Conservative Party. These issue is starting to create criticism and conspiracy theories that British voters are being deprived of important information about the meddling of Russia before the election takes place.

Hilary Clinton, who was currently in London, criticized the decision of the Prime Minister during her talk with The Guardian.

On the other note, Russia has also stepped in during the elections in Madagascar, based on investigation found by the Times.

Medical Marijuana Slowly Accepted in Britain

On Monday, medical marijuana was approved by the National Health Service in Wales and England for use in three different treatments. This milestone decision on Britain, although a small step in the grand scheme of things, is set to change the lives of thousands of people.

Compared to the rest of countries all over Europe, the laws regarding cannabis have been sterner in Britain. Some Euro countries have already decriminalized the use of marijuana in small amounts for recreational use while allows fully allow cannabis-based medicines.

The shift on the British guidance regarding medical marijuana comes after two cases of young patients with epilepsy who were dependent on such treatments gained a lot of public buzzes.

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