Match-Trade’s 3-in-1 Forex Trading Platform Kicks Off

Match-Trader’s 3-in-1 Forex Trading Platform Kicks Off

IRVINE, Calif. – Forex and cryptocurrency turnkey tech provider, Match-Trade Technologies launched their newest Match-Trader, a 3-in-1 trading platform for MT4 and MT5 environments.

The technology provider launched its Match-Trader platform, offered to a lot of broken, which consists of mobile, desktop, and web applications, making the platform a universal tool. This new Forex trading platform is designed to cater to both MT4 and MT5 environments. But, it can also work as a standalone trading system that features a backend infrastructure of its own. The developers of Match-Trader made sure to give brokers convenience and excellent trading experience where they can easily add the mobile and web components to the MetaTrader platform.

Currently, brokers can purchase the Match-Trader platform as an addition to their MT4 or MT5 White Label. However, this new platform is set to be offered as a White Label itself or included in the complete Match-Trader server real soon.

The new Forex trading platform gives the opportunity to a lot of brokers, especially when it comes to branding. With it, they can now add a broker’s logo, name the app, and change the colors in the app. Match-Trader also comes with a seamless and easy installation process, which the Match-Trade’s team made sure of. The platform was built using only the most cutting-edge technology that helps easy installation and deployment straight to the website of the broker. With all its advanced technology, Match-Trader is a true 3-in-1 platform.

According to the Match-Trade Technologies’ Head of Product Development, Piotr Lagiewski, Match-Trader as a 3-in-1 platform was built in-house with their team of professionals and experts. It was developed to offer its customers a platform that is simple, transparent, and with a modern design at an attractive price. He also said that Match-Trader is best-known for its ease of use, making the platform transparent and intuitive was the focus during the design process. He said that through the Match-Trader platform, brokers could have the full picture from the costs to the final result.

Aside from its seamless integration to existing broker’s websites, the new platform from Match-Trade Technologies also comes fully integrated with their Client Office application with CRM using a simple and single sign-on feature. This functionality is very convenient and aims to better user retention.

Match-Trader is a unique application that aims to help every broker to convert the Forex leads to all traders in the most convenient but very effective process.

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