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LMRK Stock

With the hype around the upcoming 5G networks, the name of LMRK cannot be left unnoticed. Landmark Infrastructure is a growth-oriented real property and infrastructure company. However, the company is a part of the wireless and digital infrastructure development too. For instance, LMRK leases its real property interests and infrastructure assets to companies operating in the wireless communication, outdoor advertising, and renewable power generation industries.

Moreover, the company is formed by Landmark Dividend LLC, or as they like to call it – their Sponsor. However, it is worth mentioning that Landmark Dividend LLC is one of the largest acquirers of real property interests. And with their help, LMRK manages a well-diversified portfolio of real property interests and critical infrastructure assets. Also, real property interests consist of long-term and perpetual easements and tenant lease assignments.

Furthermore, Landmark Infrastructure was founded in 2010 and is based in El Segundo, California. The company has offices across the United States. Let’s see more information about the company.

LMRK Company Profile

Address: 400 Continental Boulevard, Suite 500 PO Box 3429, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Website: www.landmarkmlp.com

Sector: Real Estate

Industry: Real Estate Services

Common Unit Price: $15.60

Market Capitalization $395 million

Current Yield: 9.4%

Wireless and Digital Infrastructure Development
landmark infrastructure

Moreover, as of June 30th, Landmark Infrastructure has 119 assets for a total consideration of approximately $13 million. Furthermore, LMRK’s portfolio consists of 2,005 assets. It consists primarily of real property interests and critical infrastructure leased to tower companies. Also, to wireless carriers in the wireless communication industry, to outdoor advertising operators, and to power companies in the renewable power generation industries.

Landmark infrastructure saw the opportunity behind the dramatic increase in the number of connected devices. As each year passes, more and more people are using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. And with that continually growing consumer demand for data, LMRK has decided to become a part of the wireless and digital infrastructure development.

Moreover, back in 2017, Landmark Infrastructure has presented its FlexGrid Idea to Ericsson. With the help of Ericsson, their self-contained, neutral-host smart pole should reach North America. In fact, Landmark Infrastructure wants to deploy FlexGrid in three main sectors – Commercial Enterprises, Municipalities, Transportation Centers.


Investing in LMRK – Is it a Good Idea?
investing in lmrk

Currently, the price of the LMRK stock is 17.38 USD. And many investors might be asking themselves whether investing in Landmark Infrastructure is a good idea. Over the last year, the company has undergone a period of transformations. For example, the company managed to reduce indebtedness. The financial debt to EBITDA ratio has decreased from level 8.0 to levels below 3.0.  In fact, the company is now operating fully by its cash from operations.

Moreover, Landmark Infrastructure aims for full dividend coverage. When it comes to liquidity, the current ratio stands above 5.0. In other words, the company reserve can meet all short-term liabilities. Let’s see how is LMRK currently performing.

LMRK Stock – Key Stock Information

  • Volume – 48,260
  • P/E Ratio (TTM) – 4.47
  • EPS (TTM) – $4.20
  • Market Cap – $457.12M
  • Shares Outstanding – 25.34 M
  • Public Float – 21.63 M
  • Yield – 8.52%
  • Latest Dividend – $0.367500007
  • Prev Close – 17.38
  • Open – 16,92

Short Interest

  • Shares Sold Short- 34,526
  • Change from Last – 68.91%
  • Percent of Float – 0.16%

Bottom Line

Landmark Infrastructure is an excellent choice for investors who are interested in real property interests. The company, as we said, leases the real property interests to companies in wireless communication, outdoor advertising, and renewable power generation industries. All of this makes the company a perfect choice for many investors.

However, before investing in LMRK or any other stock, you should do your own thorough research. Do not rely on what you have read here, or on any other website. Moreover, whether you should buy or sell LMRK, always pay attention to the smallest details. Take a look at the company fundamentals, technical analysis, and do in-depth research on the company. The more information you gather, the easier it would be to make the final decision.

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