John Kasich Net Worth: What You Should Know

John Kasich Net Worth

Based on his publicized personal financial records, Gov. John Kasich, his two daughters, and wife Karen have a combined net worth of between $9-$22 million.

This is according to papers that the governor filed with the Federal Election Commission on Friday to disclose his and his family’s assets.

Gov. Kasich is required to disclose his net worth and financial records along with many other Republican presidential candidates. The deadline for this disclosure is an important prerequisite for candidates who want to be eligible for the Cleveland Republican presidential debate.

John Kasich’s Assets

Kasich’s disclosure offers a window into his wealth, most of which came from his time working with the Lehman Brothers Wall Street Firm, which has since become defunct. Not to mention his stint as a Fox News commentator.

Three of Kasich’s assets are worth anything from $500,000 to $1 million, and this includes the John Kasich trust held Russell Tax-Exempt Bond Fund S etc.

Between himself and his wife, Kasich owns assets that are worth $250,000 and $500,000. This includes the Fidelity Advantage Intermediate Municipal Income, the Washington Mutual Investors Fund A and the Putnam U.S. Government Income Trust A.

Most of Kasich’s assets are held in tax-free investments and offer him and his family a sizeable tax-free income of over $2 million. Karen, who is Kasich’s wife, has a diverse array of investments in different Ohio-based companies that include American Electric Power, Procter & Gamble, Cardinal Health, as well as L Brands.

Karen also has investments in municipal bonds from Ashtabula, Cleveland, Middleburg Heights and Hamilton, as well as stocks in PepsiCo, Philip Morris, AstraZeneca, and Apple.

Kasich’s Financial History

The Kasich’s were required to file the financial disclosure form which makes it easier for federal candidates and officeholders to make their financial status, including investments, savings accounts, and other financial assets public.

This is not the first time that Kasich has had to disclose his personal financial status, because as Governor, Ohio law requires him to provide a list of investments that are over $1,000. The difference with Kasich is that his holdings are much larger.

Back in his 2008 Governor run, Kasich only provided his 2008 federal tax returns when reporters requested his financial records. These showed a net worth of $1.4 million annual salary and bonuses. Kasich was an employee of Lehman Brothers, a firm that went under during the 2008 financial crash.

This global financial disaster disintegrated the wealth of millions and displaced many more as people were no longer able to afford mortgage payments among other fiscal duties.


As of 1978, all presidential candidates are required to publicize their personal financial records and there’s a deadline of 30 days from their official candidacy announcement. However, this year Fox News asked candidates to file regardless of the announcement.

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