Is Trading Forex For a Living Possible?

trading for a living

Do you want to begin trading Forex and earn money for living? You probably have many questions on your mind. Before becoming a part of the Forex market, you have to know a thing or two. Keep on reading to find the most essential information you’ll ever need to begin Forex Trading and to become a successful trader. 

Forex is a place where traders can speculate and earn money on price movement. There are simple rules or as we like to call them beginner tips you need to give trading Forex for a living a proper go. Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions and our suggestions. 

How Long Will it Take? 

This is probably the first question every beginner has asked himself. How long before I start making money. This

Don’t expect to go on the Forex market and earn money in a day or two after you begin learning what Forex Trading actually is. It takes both time and practice before you learn the basics of Forex. 

If you are serious about making a living of Forex trading, then you need a couple of months or a year to invest in educating yourself and in your trading future. 

What Should I Do Before I Start Trading Forex? 

As someone who is in a learning process, you’ll have a variety of options to help you make the process of learning much easier as well as understand how the market actually works. 

Our tip is to start searching on your own. The Internet is the perfect place for educational articles, just like this one, as well as informative videos. You could also find a local city Forex course, read books or subscribe for an online Forex Trading Course. 

The goal is to find the learning strategy that works best for you. Some people are fast learners, while others need more time, and it might take them months before entering the Forex market. 

How Can I Increase My Trading Skills? 

By trading on a demo account, you will be able to increase your trading skills as well as experience without actually investing money. You will also get used to the charts and how to read them. 


Once you feel comfortable enough, and your strategy proves to work, you can create a real account and start trading Forex.  

Can I really Earn Money For Living Trading Forex? 

A good trading strategy combined with strict rules, previous trading experience, whether it will be bad or good, can bring you profit. 

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful forex traders is the number of times they’ve been right and wrong. A good trader is able to be more right than wrong in anticipating the direction of the market consistently over a significant period.

To help you become a successful trader, we want to share with you a few tips. 

Let’s review them. 

  1. The first, most important rule is to create a strategy and rules of your own. 
  2. Follow your rules strictly! 
  3. Always invest only money you can afford to lose! 
  4. Never risk everything you have. 
  5. A substantial sum in reserve is a must when Trading Forex. Why? If things go wrong on the Forex market, you will still have money on the side. 
  6. Control your emotions even in difficult times to avoid irrational decisions. Staying rational will help you minimize the risk. 
  7. Never stop educating yourself and reading new information! 

Learning new strategies, studying the market, and being able to practice on a demo account are the first steps you should take. Once you start making a profit on the demo account, you should open a real trading account. 

This learning process will require a lot of time as well as effort. If you take this as an investment in your future, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Successfully trading Forex can guarantee you income for life. You can reach the amount of money comfortable for a living, but before you reach this expert level, you need to study and practice! 

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