Is The CUMSTAR Token a Scam or Legit?

Is The CUMSTAR Token a Scam or Legit?

CUMSTAR is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain that received a fair amount of attention in part because of its hilarious name. Of course, this attention was also fueled by the fact that the token experienced a meteoric price rise. 

Anyway, this article will cover some aspects of CUMSTAR and whether or not it’s a good investment.

What is CUMSTAR?

CUMSTAR is the native token of the Hush Network, which is a decentralized adult streaming network. 

It’s basically OnlyFans on the blockchain with content creators paid out in CUMSTAR rather than fiat currency. Of course, it’s on the blockchain, which opens the door for adding an NFT element to the adult streaming industry.

CUMSTAR does have an NFT marketplace, but it does not have that much volume with only 29 NFTs sold for a total of $39,000. The streaming service has not yet been released at the time of writing.

CUMSTAR Tokenomics

We are not big fans of the 11% transaction tax that CUMSTAR uses despite these tokenomics being fairly common amongst Binance Smart Chain tokens. 

The breakdown of that 11% transaction is the following:

  • 3% to marketing.
  • 3% to fund the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.
  • 2% to reflections.
    • We aren’t sure what “reflections” means in this context. It might mean money sent to the developers.
  • 1% to tipping.
    • This is disbursed to all tokenholders a la SafeMoon.

To summarize, those tokenomics are garbage. Again, we know these tokenomics are the norm for Binance Smart Chain tokens, but most tokens on Binance Smart Chains are low-quality scams, which should say all you need to know. 

We do not like the transaction tax because it greatly stifles growth. It’s especially annoying on something like CUMSTAR because content creators have to pay an 11% fee when they transfer funds. 

Is CUMSTAR a Scam or Legit?

CUMSTAR is legit in our opinion. We do not have a reason to believe this project will rugpull because they have actually delivered on some of their promises (ie. an NFT marketplace and marketing).

Most rug pulls run off with the money without actually doing anything of value. 

Our problem with CUMSTAR is in the garbage tokenomics. An 11% transaction is, to put it simply, completely ridiculous and goes against the spirit of cryptocurrency. 

You can choose to invest in the token. However, you have to remember that if you buy $5,000 worth of tokens, then $550 of that will go back to the developers. 

To summarize, CUMSTAR probably is not a project that will hard rug (read: developers mint a bunch of tokens and dump). The developers will likely make more money by simply collecting an 11% transaction tax on every transaction. So, not a scam in the strict sense, just terrible tokenomics. 

Where to Buy CUMSTAR?

CUMSTAR is not available on any centralized exchange that we know about. If you want to purchase it, then swapping BNB for CUMSTAR on PancakeSwap is probably the best way. You can also sell an adult themed NFT for CUMSTAR, but that requires market approval and producing an NFT that people actually want to purchase. 

Final Verdict

That covers it for whether or not CUMSTAR is a scam. It’s probably not a scam, but it’s also probably a bad investment because of that 11% transaction tax. 

That said, we do like the idea of CUMSTAR and a decentralized/blockchain version of OnlyFans will likely be successful in the future. CUMSTAR/Hush Network probably will not be that competitor, though. 

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