Independent Reserve Unveils a Platform called AutoTrader


AUSTRALIA – The Independent Reserve, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange company in Australia, launched a platform feature known as ‘AutoTrader’ for crypto trading. It’s a feature that lets customers implement automated exchange strategies.

Independent Reserve released ‘AutoBuy’ as their primary automated scheme with AutoTrader. This order book exchange company is the first in Australia to release this platform. This feature allows clients to automatically buy their desired cryptocurrencies after the money is placed in their accounts.

According to Adrian Przelozny, the founder and CEO of Independent Reserve, the AutoBuy feature with organized bank transfers would let clients exchange cryptocurrency purchases to Dollar Cost Average (DCA).

Przelozny shared how important the release of AutoTrade is for the company. He explained that this platform would let traders set automated approaches for trading cryptocurrency, as well as and rules. Also, he shared how proud they are to be first to unveil this service in Australia.

The Independent Reserve was founded in 2013, and it has established an institutional and proprietary trading platform to let Australians sell, buy, and invest in Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (XBT), Litecoin (LTC), and more digital currencies.

Przelozny explained that AutoTrader allows customers to purchase lesser cryptocurrency parcels at steady intervals. He explained further how this scheme restricts their publicity to price fluctuations.

Aside from how the strategy limits the exposure, Przelozny also shared that they are allowing their clients to set prices and spend limits. The feature will guarantee that customers can acquire what they want without exceeding their budget, and at the right value.

The Independent Reserve has plans to add more strategies since AutoBuy is the sole scheme offered on AutoTrader. As per Przelozny, this platform is what customers want. He shared how pleased he is to make the announcement, and he also said that they are keenly reaching out on which schemes they yearn to see afterward.

This exchange company has more than 100,000 clients across New Zealand and Australia. It also provides services to 8,000 self-managed super funds or SMSFs.

This Australian company has been working with several regulatory bodies that include AUSTRAC to convey AML/CRF governing frameworks.

Steve James (Seer Asset Management), Martin Rogers (KTM Ventures), Mike Tilley (ex-CEO of Challenger Financial and Chairman of Latitude Financial), known as finance industry-heavyweights, are board members and investors of Independent Reserve.

The Independent Reserve was awarded at the Australian Blockchain Industry Awards as the Digital Currency Exchange of the Year. It was also ranked in the Most Innovative Companies List during the 2019 Australian Financial Review.

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