How to Make My Money Last in Retirement

How to Make My Money Last in Retirement

Younger generations often neglect proper financial planning. For instance, do you find yourself to be financially stable at the moment? Well, if you are, you are probably not thinking about or planning for retirement. Typically, the majority of people find themselves unprepared as they near the end of their careers. 

Moreover, it’s essential to save during your pre-retirement years. Running out of money is something nobody desires. However, with proper financial planning and knowledge about ways to make your money last in retirement, you are less likely to run out of money in retirement.

Furthermore, your savings won’t last long unless you use them wisely. So, keep on reading to find out how you can make your money last in retirement. 

Why You Should Start Saving Early 

If you are currently in a stable financial situation, you are probably wondering why saving early matters. Well, if you think about it, running out of money is a big concern for every person, especially for retirees. Not a single retiree wants to spend twenty or thirty years in retirement while stressing out that they may or may not go broke. 

Moreover, when you retire, the amount of your savings, your monthly expenses, your idea of living affect your lifestyle as a retiree. Typically, the more money you have set aside, the longer you will live comfortably without having to worry about money. Further, when you are a retiree, having access to money may mean the freedom to get more joy during your retirement. 

Currently, the full retirement age in the United States of America is 66 years, six months. Now, imagine the following. If you start saving money when you are in your 30ties, you would have more than 30 years to grow your savings. 

On the other hand, if you have entered your 50ties, it’s still not too late to start saving. However, you will have less time to save money for retirement.

In other words, the best way to make sure your savings last as long as possible is to start saving as soon as possible. Also, your savings won’t last long unless you use them wisely. So, let’s take a look at how you can make your money last in retirement. 

How Can I Make My Money Last In Retirement 

As we mentioned, to make your money last longer in retirement, you must spend it wisely. Moreover, according to reputable studies, running out of money is one of the main concerns of retirees. Usually, people worry about running out of money when they are both in or approaching retirement. 


Nowadays, it is common for people who are near retirement to be afraid of outliving their assets. So, unless you do want to run out of money, you need to take action while you still have the chance. 

For instance, you can follow some of our ideas on how you can make your money last in retirement. Further, the following tips will certainly help you enjoy your retirement for a longer time, so let’s take a look. 

14 Ways to Make Your Money Last in Retirement 

  1. Minimizing your fixed expenses is a crucial part of staying on budget. 
  2. Maximizing your Social Security Benefits should be your priority. 
  3. Consider the opportunity of creating a  passive or guaranteed income stream.
  4. Creating and following a retirement spending plan will certainly help you live happily in retirement while doing what you want. 
  5. When you retire, tax planning will likely get more complicated, so don’t ignore it. 
  6. Another option of saving money and making your money last longer in retirement is to retire later in life. 
  7. Some retirees don’t want to live in big houses all by themselves, so they downsize their homes as a way of saving money on expenses. 
  8. Another idea you should consider is getting a roommate. 
  9. If possible, try to reduce medical expenses. 
  10. Consider investing in securities.
  11. Once you retire, it is essential to resist the urge to help your family more than you could afford. 
  12. Consider working part-time after retirement.
  13. Creating a plan for long term care expenses is also a way of saving money.
  14. Investing in a lifetime annuity will ensure a lifetime income.

Bottom Line

As you see at the core of all these tips lies the idea of improving your retirement plan. Typically, the longer you expect to live, the higher the odds of running out of money in retirement are. So, make sure you create and follow a retirement plan. 

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