How to Invest in Hashgraph?

How to invest in Hashgraph

Hashgraph made a huge splash when the project was announced back in 2017. Basically, it’s a cryptocurrency that does not use a blockchain as a ledger.

This means there is no mining of Hashgraph.

Anyway, Hashgraph has a token called Hasgraph coin (HBAR). This article will cover how you can invest in Hashgraph coin (HBAR), explain Hashgraph, and we will even cover our opinion of Hashgraph.

How to invest in Hashgraph?

Hashgraph is considered an altcoin, which means it’s not one of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. 

That also means that it’s a little more difficult to purchase Hashgraph compared to a more popular cryptocurrency. However, there are cryptocurrency exchanges that sell Hashgraph.

This section will cover some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to purchase Hashgraph.



Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. Additionally, Binance has nearly 300 different cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell. 

And yes, Binance does Hashgraph. Unfortunately, Binance does not have a fiat currency to HBAR trading pair.

This means that you must purchase Hashgraph with Bitcoin or Binance coin. 

That’s not too big of a concern because it’s extremely easy to purchase Bitcoin with fiat currency. You can even purchase Bitcoin with fiat currency on Binance.

We recommend purchasing Hashgraph (HBAR) on Binance because it’s a large, trustworthy exchange. The fees on Binance are also very low if you purchase altcoins with Binance coin.



Changelly is similar to Binance – it’s a cryptocurrency exchange meant for altcoins. Just like Binance, you will have to deposit Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency onto Changelly to purchase HBAR.

That said, we like Changelly because they have good exchange rates and low fees when purchasing Hashgraph. They also don’t require identity verification, so creating an account does not take much time.



Bittrex has nearly 300 cryptocurrencies on its exchange – HBAR Is one of those coins. Unfortunately, Bittrex does not have a fiat currency to HBAR trading pair. However, you can easily purchase Bitcoin for fiat currency on the exchange.

You can then use Bitcoin to purchase HBAR.

Bittrex is a large, trustworthy exchange. The only problem with Bittrex is the trading fees can be a little high compared to other exchanges, but it is trustworthy and easy to use.

Can I buy Hashgraph with fiat currency?

Unfortunately, there are no fiat currency to Hashgraph (HBAR) trading pairs on any cryptocurrency exchange. The reason is because Hashgraph has a low trading volume, so it does not make sense for exchanges to offer that trading pair.

This could change in the future. If a fiat currency to Hashgraph (HBAR) trading pair is offered on a cryptocurrency exchange, then the price of Hashgraph (HBAR) will rise.

Where to store Hashgraph?

As you might know, you do not want to store Hashgraph on a cryptocurrency exchange – it’s too risky because cryptocurrency exchanges can get hacked and you can lose all the cryptocurrency you have on the exchange. 

This might sound improbable because it does not happen very often. But it has happened in the past, so we do not recommend storing any cryptocurrency on an exchange.

The good news is that Hashgraph does have a native wallet. The wallet is also very easy to use, so we strongly recommend using it. Here are the steps for creating a Hashgraph (HBAR) wallet:

  1. Register an account on: https://portal.hedera.com/register
  2. Join the “mainnet” network.
  3. Download the wallet.
  4. Create a new wallet.
  5. Keep your private key secure.

Can I store Hashgraph (HBAR) on a Ledger Nano?

Yes. You can store Hashgraph (HBAR) on a Ledger Nano if you have kept up with the updates. There was an update in early 2020 that added Hashgraph (HBAR) compatibility to the Ledger Nano.

Is Hashgraph a safe investment?

Is Hashgraph a safe investment

Hashgraph likely is not going to crash anytime soon, so it is safe from that perspective. But it’s still a highly speculative investment that could become the next Bitcoin or get stuck at pennies per coin for perpetuity. 

It basically comes down to this: Do you trust Hedera to continue developing Hashgraph?

Hash ledgers are much more centralized than blockchain ledgers, and that centralization requires much more faith in the development team than a standard cryptocurrency that can run on its own with very little decision making from the development team.

Anyway, HBAR currently costs about $0.02/HBAR, which makes it a great speculative investment. Even a relatively small increase to $1.00 will multiply your investment by 50. 

That would be a huge return on investment. And you do not even need to place a large investment in Hashgraph to see life changing profit.

About Hashgraph

Hashgraph was launched in 2017 by a non-profit called Hedera. However, Hedera did not actually create the Hashgraph technology. 

The technology itself was created by a company called Swirlds. Swirlds used the technology for private use and simply decided to make it publicly available in 2017 by launching an ICO on the Ethereum network. 

What makes Hashgraph special?

The big selling point for Hashgraph is the speed. It’s a very fast network that can handle over 10,000 transactions per second. 

The other unique aspect of Hashgraph is that it does not use blockchain technology. There are only a handful of cryptocurrencies that do not use blockchain technology for their ledger. 

This might sound like a disadvantage, but it does add some speed. In fact, many cryptocurrency experts believe that non-blockchain networks are the natural progression of cryptocurrency technology.

They view blockchain networks as 1st generation cryptocurrency and a different, non blockchain technology, will emerge as a 2nd generation cryptocurrency. 

We know it sounds strange, but Hashgraph does have many large, publicly traded technology on it’s board. This is likely because those companies realize the future is not in blockchain technology.

How does Hashgraph work?

Hashgraph actually describes the technology itself. Computers either “talk” in hashes or via blockchains. As the name implies, Hashgraph uses hashes for communication between computers. 

This makes it significantly faster than blockchain technology – it can handle over 10,000 transactions per second.

The downside of using hashes for communication is that it has much more centralization than blockchain technology. And that aspect alone has scared off many cryptocurrency enthusiasts that prefer a decentralized network that more or less self regulates. 

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