How is Doge Pronounced?

how is doge pronounced

The recent popularity of Dogecoin has led to a lot of confusion. How exactly do you pronounce doge?

Unfortunately, the answer is not as clear as you would probably think as there are multiple pronunciations and no one can agree on a proper one. This article will answer that question, though.

Properly Pronouncing Doge

So, there are a few common pronunciations for doge. The most popular one in American English sounds similar to ‘dohj.’ 

Yes, that is a soft ‘g’ on doge. As mentioned previously, this pronunciation is not the only one that you will hear. It is common to hear alternative pronunciations, so it’s wise to know all the pronunciations for when you unexpectedly hear them. 

Here is a quick list of pronunciations:

  • ‘Dohg’
  • ‘Dog’
  • ‘Dogue’ like ‘vogue’ with a ‘d’
  • ‘Doggie’
  • ‘Dog-eh’
  • ‘Dough-geh’

In our experience, the most common pronunciation for  is ‘dohj’ followed by ‘dohg’ or the two syllable version ‘dough-geh.’

Dog, doggie, dog-eh, and other pronunciations are most often used by those not very familiar with the meme or the cryptocurrency.

Doge Etymology

Doge used to refer to an elected lord in certain cities in Italy like Venice and Genoa. 

That use of the word is not where the meme ‘doge’ originates, though.

The meme doge originates from a Reddit post in 2010 titled, “LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE” with a picture of Shiba Inu dog. Yes, dog is intentionally misspelled in the submission. The misspelling was likely meant to be the phonetic spelling of ‘doggie’ – dog-e.


Anyway, the meme grew in popularity from 2010. It is usually depicted as a picture of a Shiba Inu dog with Comic Sans text saying phrases in broken English like “so scare,” “wow,” and “what r you doing.”

 It was nothing more than a fun meme shared on Reddit. This meme was used as the name of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency launched on Reddit in 2013. Dogecoin even used the same English style used in the meme for its whitepaper and code comments.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article helped you with properly pronouncing Doge. ‘Dohj,’ ‘dohg,’ or ‘dough-geh’ will all be recognized if you choose to use them. Doggie, dog, and other pronunciations will also be recognized because the meme has permeated society. Those pronunciations generally announce your unfamiliarity with the meme, though. 

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