How do I make a DAPP on Solana Blockchain?

How do I make a DAPP on Solana Blockchain?

Solana has become the most popular alternative to Ethereum because of its low transaction costs, high transaction speed, and the plethora of decentralized apps (dApps) and NFTs available on its blockchain. 

This surge in popularity has resulted in a lot of people wanting to make their own dApps on Solana. Admittedly, it does require some programming knowledge in order to build your own dApp on Solalana, but it’s not particularly difficult in the grand scheme of things.

It’s also possible to use a tool to build a Solana dApp without any programming knowledge. It would only involve a few clicks. 

This article will explain how to do the latter rather than the former.

Creating a dApp on Solana with Decentology

Decentology is a private company that makes tools that make developing dApps on the blockchain much simpler. One of those tools is something called DappStarter. 

DappStarter gives the developers the ability to create a functional product with only a few clicks. 

Would we recommend launching a dApp on Soalana that could potentially handle millions of dollars without having someone more experienced review the code received from DappStarter?

No, that would be a very, very bad idea. With that much money as a reward, someone would find an exploit in the code. 

That said, DappStarter does provide a good foundation for launching a dApp on Solana. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to dappstarter.decentology.com and choose Solana in the Blockchains tab. 
  2. Choose the features you want in your dApp in the Smart Contract Features tab. 
  3. Give your dApp a name.
  4. Click on the Create dApp button.
  5. Clone the GitHub repository that contains your dApp’s code.
  6. Type yarn start to begin the compilation process and to upload the code to the Solana blockchain.

That covers it for the absolute basics of launching a Solana dApp. 

Of course, if you want to build a dApp like Yearn.finance or SushiSwap on Solana, then that will require some programming knowledge. It would help to have some Rust knowledge because Solana smart contracts are usually written in Rust. 

Solana smart contracts can also be written in C or C++, but pretty much no one does that because Rust is so much better. If you’re an experienced C or C++ developer, then you should be able to learn Rust in around a week.

Is It Worth Creating a dApp on Solana?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of dApp you want to create and your programming experience. 

An experienced Rust, C, or C++ developer that wants to launch a dApp that does not already exist on Solana should certainly consider launching on Solana. The blockchain is gaining popularity.

There’s also no shortage of demand for dApps on Solana.

On the other hand, if you can’t even write “Hello World” in any programming language, then you should gain some programming experience before taking on such a huge project. 

Creating a dApp is not particularly difficult for an experienced developer, but it will be extremely difficult for a junior developer. Not to mention that creating a functional dApp is the easy part. 

Launching a dApp that cannot be exploited (ie. someone drains all the funds locked in the smart contract) or fixing the bugs that users inevitably stumble upon are the two hardest parts about dApp development. 

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