What is FREE Coin? Everything You Need To Know About FREE Coin

free coin

FREE Coin is a cryptocurrency with the intention of becoming an easy introduction to cryptocurrency for beginners with the intention of becoming a global payment system. These are big tasks for a cryptocurrency project. And this article will explain exactly what FREE Coin is, the chances of success, and whether or not it’s a viable investment. 

What is FREE Coin?

FREE Coin (FREE) is a cryptocurrency token with the goal of giving those without access to a bank the ability to conduct digital transactions. 

Yes, it’s one of those cryptocurrency projects. 

Anyway, the FREE project has a pretty specific roadmap. The coin was launched in April 2018 and almost immediately was listed on 16 exchanges. From that, the coin was listed on more exchanges, listed on SWFT Pay, ivendPay (payment for vending machines), and has launched an ERC-20 token, BEP-20 token (Binance Smart Chain), and TRC-10 token (Tron). 

With that information out of the way, FREE is a little more than a regular pump and dump ERC-20 token. It is a legitimate project that has real accomplishments. 

That is something worthwhile. And certainly adds to the credibility of the project and longer term success that is possible with it.

To summarize, FREE is attempting to become a global cryptocurrency used for payments, which is still a massive goal for any cryptocurrency project. The next section will cover some of the financial details of the project. 

FREE Coin Details

FREE Price: $0.0000065

FREE Market Cap: $64 million

FREE Circulating Supply vs Total Supply: 9.9 trillion out of 10.998 trillion

Max Supply: Infinite

FREE 24 Hour Trading Volume: ~$400,000

Blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron

Where to Buy FREE Coin?

FREE Coin is available on a decent amount of tier 2 and tier 3 exchanges. However, the exchanges with the highest volume of FREE are ProBit, Latoken, and CoinTiger. It’s also available on Uniswap, JulSwap, and PancakeSwap. 

We would recommend using any of those exchanges if you want to purchase FREE as all those exchanges have decent liquidity and trading volume. 

Is FREE Coin a Good Investment?

FREE Coin is attempting to do something so large that it will most likely fail. Cryptocurrency projects that attempt to become a global payment system generally fail outside of the few very successful ones like Ripple, Stellar, and so on. 


FREE has some issues to it that scare cryptocurrency investors off from the project. The main issue being that the coin has a 10 trillion circulating supply, which greatly dilutes the price of an individual coin. 

Sure, market cap is more important than individual coin price, but there is something psychological about seeing such a low price. 

The other more pressing issue is that the marketing team behind FREE Coin has not done the best job with the cryptocurrency. The website is poorly designed, which is superficial, but it is important and can scare people off from taking the cryptocurrency seriously.

As for financial considerations, the coin actually has a decent market cap of about $60 million and a decent trading volume of $400,000 per 24 hours. 

What we are trying to say is do not let the poor marketing, high circulating supply, and pie in the sky goals scare you off – the cryptocurrency has actually seen some level of success. 

To answer the question, it’s probably not a good long term investment, but it certainly has the potential to see some moderate increase in price. Crazier things have happened in cryptocurrency than this – just look at Dogecoin for an example. 

We would classify an investment in FREE Coin as a crypto moonshot. That means a low chance of success, but one that does have the potential to see high returns in the future.

Closing Thoughts

That sums it up for everything you need to know about FREE Coin. It’s a cryptocurrency project that does have some chance of going up in the future and it is certainly not a scam. 

As mentioned previously, this is a perfect example of a crypto moonshot that has the potential to see an outsized return without much risk of going to zero. 

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