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Forex Market welcomes a new trading platform called Match-Trader on the 6th of November, 2019.

The collaboration of the Crypto Turnkey Technology Provider and Match-Trade Technologies Forex gave birth to their newly-released for MT4/MT5 – the Match-Trader, three-in-one platform.

This well-designed platform for brokers offers applications suitable for web, desktop, and mobile use. Match-Trader operates in the MT4/5 environment and even other trading systems, thanks to its backend construction. For the convenience of the users, the creators of the Match-Trader ensure that the features will allow them to add the elements of the platform to their MetaTrader platform.

In addition to their highlighted features, this platform is also sold at a budget-friendly price. It can be an addition to the MT4/M5 white label. It will also be available with its full Match-Trader server.

With the help of this advanced FX trading platform, incorporating the logo of the broker, customization, and even changing the name of the application is now possible. The installation process is a breeze. Due to its cutting-edge technology, the broker can use the Match-Trader on its website after installation. This three-in-one platform is designed to save both the user’s time and money.

The Production Development chief, Piotr Lagiewski, states that a group of experts creates the Match-Trader. It is engineered to offer a hassle-free, transparent, and contemporary design without burning a hole in the pocket. What makes this platform different from others is its easiness of use.


The trader can sync the settings in the mobile, web, and desktop applications without hassle. Switching accounts can be done in just a few seconds. He also continued by saying that while they were designing the platform, the intuition and transparency have been their main goals.

The user of the Match-Trader will now precisely where the associated costs are going to, and how it would lead to the final result when they are trading.

This platform is now included in their Match-Trader’s Client Office app with CRM. It has new features such as Single Sign-On that can enhance user maintenance. This one-of-a-kind platform will be of big help to the brokers in converting their Forex leads to traders in a hassle-free process. Interested buyers can visit their official website for more information about the platform.

The developers of this product also provide multiple methods and supporting applications, including business and consulting services.


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