“Forex-3D” Ponzi Scheme Left 30,000 Victims in Its Wake


BANGKOK, Thailand – According to the Thai justice ministry, about 100 victims of the “Forex-3D” Ponzi scheme are pressing the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) to consider the scam as a “special status” case.

According to recent reports, there are about a total of 30,000 victims of the scheme, which offered 10% interest to its investors per month. According to some reports, the interest is sometimes even much higher. Current losses, as reported, about the scheme now accumulated to nearly 4 billion baht in total.

The “Forex-3D” scheme started as a brokerage company accepting investors on a by-invitation-only basis. The scheme splits profits with its investors at a 60/40 rate, with 60% of the profit to return to the investors. Investors or members of the scheme start at a minimum investment of 50,000 baht or about $2,000.

Somsak Thepsuthin, the justice minister of Thailand, says he is investigating the case personally after some claims came about stating that Forex-3D is just another scam or a pyramid selling scheme. According to some reports circling about Forex-3D, there have been government officials and other celebrities who have fallen victims to the scheme, influencing their social media followers to invest as well.

Aside from victims trying to press the DSI to handle the “special” case, they are also demanding celebrities who have been captured in photographs with the directors of the company to offer an explanation to the public.

With the recent buzz surrounding the reported Ponzi scheme, Forex-3D took to Facebook to explain its side. According to their post on the social platform, the company is actively denying that Forex-3D is nothing but a scam trying to intentionally part investors from their money. The post also stated that although the reported cases may have happened, they are placing the blame on some members who have acted illegally. It continued with the company declaring they have no connections with such reported activities.

The victims of the reported Ponzi scheme have organized a group to pursue legal action against the scheme operators. The representatives of the group are set to have a meeting and converse with the DSI about possible legal action on Thursday this week.

Meanwhile, the DSI is making an appeal and calling all other people who have fallen victim to the Forex-3D scheme to come forward and get involved with the investigation by using a QR code. In the end, it will be up to the DSI to decide how to start the investigation and who they are going to prosecute.

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