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SANTA CLARA, CA – Evercoin unveils Evercoin 2, a mobile hardware wallet, that’ll make the lives of cryptocurrency-users more secure and accessible. The company announced its new platform at the New York Consensus Invest Summit.

Evercoin 2 is a wallet that can store private keys of cryptocurrency owners in a safe hardware device. It provides an end-to-end cryptocurrency solution to all mobile users. Also, the hardware wallet is similar to a house key’s size, which is supported by Yubico’s security technology.

Evercoin 2 can assist users in recovering a lost password or private key. Aside from helping users in their passwords, it doesn’t expose you to hackers as well.

Hackers can steal cryptocurrencies from your account via two-factor authentication. Also, these people can swap SIM cards through mobile phones. One victim of this crime is Michael Terpin, an investor who’s litigating AT&T for $224 million.

Evercoin supports 20 assets, and among these are Ethereum and Bitcoin. One of Evercoin 2’s features is the smartphone support for Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this wallet lets users grasp their asses, an exchange to 19 other cryptocurrencies.

Users of Evercoin 2 can link bank accounts to exchange cryptocurrencies with the United States or US dollars, and vice versa.

As stated by Evercoin, their platform offers financial services, which clients expect, yet this time, in a mobile wallet. This hardware is secured, and users can control it fully.


Talip Ozturk, the CEO of Evercoin, stated that they protect their clients from hackers with the help of Yubikey hardware. He added that they also secure their users from accidents in case of lost phones. Furthermore, he also mentioned that they want to assure that their clients’ funds are always recoverable and secured.

Yubico, one of the reliable hardware security providers, is offering its services to millions of clients. Also, this hardware wallet is the first to utilize the YubiKey 5ci for Android’s USB-C and iPhone.

According to Miko Matsumura, in an email to VentureBeat, Evercoin’s chair, if a user doesn’t have the private cryptographic key, then somebody else is controlling their Bitcoins. He also shared that one of the problems is that people used to mishandle or lose the keys.

Matsumura also mentioned that crypto users write their passwords on computers, USB drives, and papers, which gives a chance for hackers to steal their money. Hence, Yubico became their partner to make their YubiKey into a security device for storing different cryptocurrencies. Moreover, he assured that users are safe from thefts.



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