Ethereum Classic Releases Results of November 2019 Use Satisfaction Survey

Ethereum Classic Releases Results of November 2019 Use Satisfaction Survey

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – The Ethereum Classic, after years of providing the crypto market with its steadfast blockchain-oriented computing platform, has announced the results of their Ethereum Classic Use Satisfaction Survey conducted last November of this year.

This Ethereum Classic Survey consists of 8 questions pertaining to the ecosystem of the Ethereum Classic. It is required to answer 7 out of 8 items, and also requires elaboration to 3 out of 8 questions. This survey was distributed to the EtheruemStack and miner groups, aiming for improved user experience.

The DLT expressed their gratitude to the responders after answering the survey despite the hectic schedule. They also stated that the results of the survey would be used to improve their services, the user experience, and their business priorities. The data gathered from the survey will also be used to achieve satisfactory economic growth.

The survey also asked the participants, after experiencing the Ethereum Classic, if they have plans to refer it to their friends or colleagues. This particular question gathered 23 favorable responses from the participants, saying it wouldn’t be a problem for them to recommend the Ethereum Classic to their friends. It has garnered a majority of 71.9% votes.

The survey also asked the reason behind the rating for their platform, and they received a variety of interesting answers from them. Some of them said that the Ethereum Classic is commendable because it utilizes revolutionary technology. It is also easy to navigate, an original, and a unique platform. The EC is also decentralized, gaining their approval. And it provides an excellent community to them.

Approximately 56.3% of people stated that they are users of the Ethereum Classic for over 2 years. Some 21.9% reported that they have been using it for 1 to 2 years. And the other 12.5% said that they had enjoyed the services of the Ethereum platform for 6 months to a year.

Aside from the praises for the platform, they also received numerous suggestions to improve their business. Some of them stated that the Ethereum Classic should concentrate more on the development of their technology instead of marketing their products. Others declared the need for hackathons and immutability. And some also suggested than a few more advertisements wouldn’t hurt.

Aside from the abovementioned suggestions, the Ethereum Classic received the promise of support to their platform from their participants and has been praised for a well-organized network.

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