What Is Cummies CumRocket?

Cummies Cumrocket

The cryptocurrency space has seen many different types of projects attempting to disrupt just about every industry. And the adult entertainment industry is no different.

Yes, there is a cryptocurrency project attempting to disrupt the adult entertainment industry. The aptly named Cummies CumRocket is an 18+ NFT marketplace based on blockchain technology. 

Anyway, this article will explain everything you need to know about Cummies CumRocket including where to buy it, what it does, and the chance it has of succeeding. 

What is Cummies CumRocket?

As mentioned previously, Cummies CumRocket is an adult entertainment NFT marketplace. Basically, users can purchase NFTs from pornographic actors and actresses. 

In a sense, it is sort of similar to the popular website OnlyFans, but it uses NFTs rather than exclusive content. 

It’s certainly an interesting concept. People want to buy NFTs from celebrities they like. And pornographic actors and actresses certainly have fans willing to spend money on their NFTs. 

However, the NFT marketplace is not really the main draw to Cummies CumRocket. The main draw of the token, in our opinion, is the excellent tokenomics that it has 

$CUMMIES Tokenomics

The most enticing aspect of $CUMMIES is the excellent tokenomics the developers coded into the currency. The basics are that it is a deflationary currency.

It works a little differently than Bitcoin’s deflationary style, though. For one, there is a 5% when the token is sold. 2.5% of that fee is distributed to tokenholders in proportion to the amount of $CUMMIES that they hold. 

That’s right, this token rewards diamond hands with a distribution from those that sell their tokens. 

The other 2.5% of the fee is burned, which provides some deflationary mechanisms to the token. 

Overall, the token has solid tokenomics by penalizing those that sell the token. 


Yes, there was a presale. The price was 1 BNB for 20 million cummies with a limit of 1 BNB per person. 

We also like this presale style as it prevented whales from buying up all the coins presale. Granted, there are ways around this by using runners, but the intention was good.

Developer Wallet?

Yes, there is a developer wallet that holds 10% of the circulating supply and 50% of it was locked for two months after the launch. 

Again, this is more proof that this is a legitimate project.

Cummies CumRocket Token Information

Token Name: Cummies

Ticker: $CUMMIES

Price: $.07

All Time High: $0.28 

Market Cap: $99 million

Launch Date: April 2021

24 Hour Trading Volume: ~$700,000

Circulating Supply: 1.41 billion

Max Supply: 11 billion

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Where to Buy $CUMMIES?

Unfortunately, not many cryptocurrency exchanges list cummies because, well, the adult industry tends to have problems like that. CoinTiger is the only centralized exchange that lists the token. 

It is also available on PancakeSwap.

Is $CUMMIES a Good Investment?

Cummies has some positive points for it as a good investment and it has some negative points. The positives are that it has excellent tokenomics with the burning of coins during a sale. 

That said, burning coins that are sold does not necessarily guarantee a stable price. A whale could simply dump the coins, crater the price, and walk off with a lot of money. 

That said, a mechanism like that does help keep the price a little more stable. 

The project itself also looks promising by creating an NFT for something unique. Not to mention that it does have a few rather famous pornographic actresses supporting the project. 


The biggest problem for the project, in our opinion, is that it is not on the Binance Smart Chain. There has been much discussion about the centralization of the Binance Smart Chain. In fact, the Binance Smart Chain is so centralized that it is basically a centralized blockchain as opposed to Ethereum’s decentralized blockchain.

With that in mind, the transaction fees on the blockchain are so much lower than Ethereum that many users of it simply do not care. Centralization of the blockchain really is not that big of a problem for this project. Any minor disadvantages are wiped away by the lower transaction fees and relative popularity of it.

To answer the question, it is a good investment as a small cap cryptocurrency, but we would not put much money into the project. This is a utility token for a very niche NFT marketplace on the second most popular NFT blockchain (Binance Smart Chain). If you do want to invest in it, then this is likely the time to do so as the price is extremely low compared to the all time high and NFTs have entered a little bit of a depression.

Did Elon Musk Endorse CumRocket?

The price of cummies soared when Elon Musk potentially tweeted out his support for the cryptocurrency. Of course, the message was a little cryptic, but it does appear he supported the platform. How?

He tweeted a tweet that read, “Canada, USA, Mexico.”

The first letter of the three countries spells CUM, which many took as supporting CumRocket. 

Musk then tweeted “Great thread” to users mentioning the price increase. 

Finally, Musk tweeted this series of emojis that pretty much confirmed he saw the price of the cryptocurrency increasing.

Are The Developers Doxxed?

The developers are supposedly doxxed. However, the only information we could find were a few pictures of the developers along with their first names. This does not mean that the developers are not doxxed, but the website only lists their first names and a picture. 

That information is easy enough to fake and does not make the developers non-anonymous.

Final Thoughts

Well, that about sums up everything you need to know about Cummies CumRocket. It is basically attempting to become the OnlyFans of the blockchain by utilizing NFTs. The token structure is also interesting as it penalizes those that decide to sell the token. 

Overall, it’s an interesting project and will likely gain some traction on the blockchain. Though we wish it were available on Ethereum rather than Binance Smart Chain. Ethereum will likely have it’s own version of this app at some point in the future.

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