Cryptocurrency Meaning in Tamil

Cryptocurrency Meaning in Tamil

Cryptocurrency is a new term – it was coined in 2009.

In addition to that, it is an English phrase.

This means that it doesn’t have a direct translation into many languages. Tamil is one of those languages. 

In fact, many Tamil speakers simply use the term “cryptocurrency” because there is not a direct translation into Tamil. Seriously, most Tamil speakers that are familiar with cryptocurrency simply say cryptocurrency or Bitcoin when referring to cryptocurrency.

This is fairly common in Tamil. Many words such as cell phone, wifi, internet, and other terms related to technology do not have a translation in Tamil. 

They are simply referred to by their English name.

There is, however, a phrase that can be used to describe cryptocurrency in Tamil. 

That phrase is:

குறியாக்க நாணயம்

It has enough context that most Tamil speakers should be able to understand the phrase. 

குறியாக்க translates to “cryptography” and நாணயம் translates to “currency.”

Cryptocurrency is essentially a cryptography currency, so we find this a suitable translation. 

Other Alternative Translations for Cryptocurrency That Don’t Make Sense

There are a few debates in the Tamil community in regards to the best translation. All translations tend to have நாணயம் (currency) in them, which is a good start. This section will detail some of those translations and why they do not make much sense. 

மறைகுறி நாணயம்

The first translation basically translates to “cryptic currency.” This translation does work for translating cryptocurrency into Tamil. However, it does not fully capture the meaning of cryptocurrency. 

Due to that, it’s not a great translation.


This is the official translation of cryptocurrency into Tamil for exactly one reason.

It sounds similar to the English word cryptocurrency.

In fact, it’s a transliteration of cryptocurrency into Tamil.

Unfortunately, the translation would not make much sense to a Tamil speaker that is not familiar with cryptocurrency. It is a good choice for Tamil speakers that are already familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency, though. 

Overall, we give the official translation a rather low rating because it does not make much sense. And the purpose of translating language is for it to make sense to the recipient. 



This Tamil word has a rough English translation to “digital money.”

It’s not the worst translation, but “digital money” does not fully explain cryptocurrency. This term could be interpreted as any money that is held digitally.


This Tamil word will translate as “encrypted/untraceable money.”

Again, not the worst choice, but it does not fully cover the breadth of cryptocurrency. It also doesn’t work well because not all cryptocurrency is untraceable. 

This is probably the best way to explain cryptocurrency in Tamil, though.

இனையப் பணம்

This is another term that roughly translates as “internet money.”

It’s a popular phrase amongst the more educated Tamil speakers. Most people that use this term will understand the meaning if it’s used to describe cryptocurrency.

We still don’t like it as a term to describe cryptocurrency because it has too many alternative meanings. It does work great if you want to get your point across quickly, though.

Is “cryptocurrency” an accepted word in Tamil?

Yes, “cryptocurrency” is an accepted word in Tamil. You can view it the same Tamil speakers view words like wifi, internet, cellphone, and chips. 

This is a fairly common phenomena with technology words that come from English.

Closing Thoughts

That about covers it for the meaning of cryptocurrency in Tamil. It’s actually a debated topic amongst Tamil speakers. 

In our opinion, “cryptocurrency” should be the word used to describe cryptocurrency in Tamil. And we suspect that “cryptocurrency” will become the de facto translation of cryptocurrency in Tamil. 

Our translation “குறியாக்க நாணயம்” makes the most sense. Time will tell if it becomes an accepted translation of cryptocurrency.

We just don’t find the transliteration கிரிப்டோகரன்சி to be an effective translation of cryptocurrency. And all other potential translations into Tamil have problems that make them unclear translations.

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