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USA – comScore (TSX: SCOR) is predicted to reach the value at CAD 4.9 in one year as per analysts. Moreover, 353,822 shares were exchanged, while its volume is at 1,055,429 shares.

comScore, a United States-company, presently has a market value that’s worth CAD 343,159,232. Utilizing the market capitalization, it showed that the company size is significant since it’s a primary cause of several characteristics, wherein depositors are interested, as well as risk. The forward P/E is at -4.75728, while the stock has -0.04-PEG ratio utilized to define the value of the capital while taking into account the growth of earnings. The P/S ratio, which is at 0.851952, replicates the amount put on sales by the market. As for the P/B ratio, it’s at 1.185867.

comScore had a five-year performance, wherein it’s at -89.033125%, while the weekly return is at -0.809717%. The stock was moved at -67.784352% during the previous 12 months. Moreover, the stock price performed 23.425693% in about 30 days, and it moved 139.02439%in the last three months.

Now, comScore performed 0.616021%, and it changed the share value of CAD 0.03, wherein it reached CAD 4.9 during a trading period on Friday, January 3. Currently, the 52-week high price is worth 23.89, while the 52-week low price is at 1.43. There were also 353,822 shares exchanged, yet its average volume has 1,055,429 shares. The present expert consensus evaluation clocked at 2.6 on the shares of the company. Moreover, these analysts projected that stock would reach at CAD 4.9 in one-year time.

When it comes to the volatility factor, comScore has an average actual range percentage (ATRP-14) of 7.06%. The ATRP-14 or volatility is the ATR stated as a closing-price percentage. The ATRP weighs volatility on a qualified level. It’s opposing to the ATR, which weighs volatility on a total scale. The beta coefficient of the company is at 0.870151.

The net profit border of the company is -85.61%. It measures how much out of each dollar of sales a company keeps in incomes. The gross margin is detected at 54.44%. At the same time, the operating margin is witnessed at -17.81%. Also, the Return of Assets (ROA) indicates how profitable a company is relative to the total assets, which is -5.39%. Furthermore, the Return on Equity (ROE) is at -82.71%.

Now that comScore has a 58.43-RSI figure. The relative strength index (RSI) was established by J. Welles Wilder, wherein the reading swings between 0 and 100.

ADX value listed at the price of 50.29, while the costs of ADX range from 0 to 100 are significant as well for distinguishing between non-trends and trends.

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