10 Alternatives to Coinmarketcap

coinmarketcap alternatives

Searching for an alternative Coinmarketcap?

Coinmarketcap is the most popular website to find the market cap of a particular cryptocurrency. It is, however, not the only website that allows you to search for the market cap of a cryptocurrency. In fact, there are numerous alternatives to Coinmarketcap. Some of them even offer more features than Coinmarket.

Anyway, this article will list some of the best alternatives to Coinmarketcap. 

Alternatives to Coinmarketcap

Live Coin Watch

Lice Coin Watch is one of the more well-designed cryptocurrency trackers available for use. It has all the usual features. They’re simply presented in a manner that is much more intuitive and easier to see than other cryptocurrency trackers on the market. 

In fact, we recommend Live Coin Watch as our top alternative to Coinmarketcap because the design is so much better.



Coincodex is the most popular alternative cryptocurrency tracker to Coinmarketcap. Why is Coincodex so popular?

It has more features than Coinmarketcap.

With Coincodex, you have the ability to real-time track cryptocurrencies and even add your favorite cryptocurrencies to a watchlist for easy access.

In addition to that, you can use Coincodex to track the value of your cryptocurrency. 

Finally, Coincodex is available on iOS and Android, so you don’t even have to be at your computer to use it. 

We strongly recommend using Coincodex if you are searching for an alternative to Coinmarketcap.



Are you a cryptocurrency investor searching for detailed metrics than the ones provided by Coinmarketcap?

OnChainFX is the alternative to Coinmarketcap for you if that’s the case. 

This cryptocurrency is very investor focused with many metrics not found on other trackers. These include the total supply of a cryptocurrency, the expected future supply, and comparing the metrics of one cryptocurrency against the metrics of another cryptocurrency.



Are you interested in comparing the price of cryptocurrency on different exchanges?

Cryptocompare is the tool for you because it allows you to do exactly that.

This is a great tool to use if you are looking to make a large investment in cryptocurrency and want to find the best price. It also works great for cryptocurrency arbitrage. 


In addition to that, there is a forum and commenting section that allows you to discuss cryptocurrency with other users.



Coincheckup provides all the information you would expect from a cryptocurrency tracker: market cap, price, and trading volume. 

In addition to that, it provides information about the daily return on investment (ROI) and other useful daily statistics. 

This makes it a great tracker if you plan on day trading cryptocurrency. 



Bitinfocharts is a great tool to use if you want to compare the amount of transactions a particular cryptocurrency has in a given time period.

This is a great metric to determine the activity level of a cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can use it to check how often a particular Github repository of a cryptocurrency is updated, which allows you to see if a cryptocurrency has been abandoned.



Coingecko is a cryptocurrency tracker aimed at miners. But what makes it great for miners?

It allows you to sort cryptocurrencies by the hash algorithm that they use, which is very useful when deciding what cryptocurrency to choose. 



Searching for a cryptocurrency tracker that can update the prices of ShapeShift in real time?

Coincap is the only tracker that does that, so it’s great if you’re searching for a tracker for that purpose. 

Other than that, it’s the same as all the other cryptocurrency trackers that offer real-time tracking.


Coinlib is a fairly standard cryptocurrency tracker with one feature that makes it stand out.

You can compare the price of up to four different cryptocurrencies. You can even plot the price on a graph. 

This makes it a great tracker if you’re choosing between a few separate cryptocurrencies for investment. 

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