Coinbase to Eliminate Dapp Browser from Apple’s Store by Force

Coinbase to Eliminate Dapp Browser from Apple’s Store by Force

UNITED STATES – Coinbase previously declared the removal of a decentralized application (Dapp) browser to comply with the policy of Apple’s store. Sustained censorship on other dapp browsers should be expected.

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, has previously declared that it might eliminate the browser feature of the decentralized application or Dapp from its digital asset wallet application. One of the main reason for this feature’s removal is to comply with the regulations of the Apple’s store.

As per a Reddit post put out on December 28, Coinbase may need to get rid of the Dapp browser functionality from the wallet of this cryptocurrency to fulfill the policy of the App Store.

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, confirmed the awaiting elimination of the Dapp browser. He stated his concern on the previous move of Apple in answer to the post.

According to Armstrong, the removal is an unfortunate thing to witness. He said that Apple appears to be removing the utilization of Dapps from Apple’s store. He also stated that if Apple users need to be able to utilize Dapps, the company might require to make the request discern to Apple in a way.

Armstrong explained that Dapp is a significant segment of innovation in funding. He also mentioned that several early adopters and developers of Dapp’s technology have a crypto value of millions of dollars. This value is tied up in funding applications or apps, and these apps will can’t use it on mobile devices by Apple if the policy endures.


As per Coinbase’s CEO, the movement is beyond the control of the company. He also said that it might probably extend to other wallets that include MetaMask, Argent, and Trust. Furthermore, he mentioned that the removal is a bit risky to the system.

Coinbase deleted all languages on the Dapp browser from the App Store. Users are still able to access Dapps via Coinbase Wallet on any desktop devices through scanning the QR code with the WalletLink feature.

Apple and Coinbase didn’t release an official declaration concerning the previous policy implementation. It stays to be witnessed whether Google will find a tracksuit with Coinbase Wallet. However, the latest elimination of MetaMask from Google’s Play Store doesn’t bode well.

From a Tweet on December 29, Omar Bham, a crypto influencer, recommended that these activities were taken to keep the business firms compared to the probable decentralized opponents.

Bham stated that Web3 is in straight competition with Apple and Google. He also explained that users should anticipate constant censorship on Coinbase, and MetaMask, as well as Dapp browsers.

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