Body of QuadrigaCX CEO to Be Exhumed due to Skepticism

Body of QuadrigaCX CEO to Be Exhumed due to Skepticism

TORONTO, Canada – Skepticism grows as QuadrigaCX users demand to dig up the body of Gerald Cotten to investigate his death.

QuadriCX users want to confirm the death of Gerald Cotten, the CEO of the defunct cryptocurrency company, due to skepticism that he’s not dead at all. These clients are demanding to dig up his body from the grave to examine the real cause of his death. One of the main reasons why is because of the $163 million funds lost from affected users.

Cotten, 30 years old, died while having his honeymoon last year in India. However, users are not convinced of his death. Instead, attorneys of the victims request for his body to be exhumed. These reports were from Bloomberg and BBC in the previous week.

The request to conduct Cotten’s body exhumation, as well as post-mortem analysis, was sent by Miller Thomson LLP. It was addressed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by this Toronto-based firm. Also, it’s to ratify both the death cause and the identity to address questionable situations. Furthermore, the autopsy is also for the losses of QuadgriCX clients after investing in this cryptocurrency.

While the death of Cotten was reported as a misfortune, some think that his death was fake.

The letter submitted by the law firm is set to be finished by the year 2020 for decomposition apprehensions.

As bizarre and forbidding as the plea of the QuadrigaCX users was, the thought that the deceased CEO was never dead was considered by an increasing group of cryptocurrency traders. Aside from traders, this story also reached the public, wherein some people dedicated a substantial extent of time to discover the case.

As per allegations, Cotten had Crohn’s disease, and he had an abrupt end during his honeymoon in Jaipur, India. Also, part of the claims was that his private keys and passwords, which control the trading funds of QuadrigaCX, were also lost. No one knew this information, which put the investments of some users at risk.


According to a November report from Vanity Fair, it was stated that the most detailed and useful examination to date had highlighted a different picture of what occurred. Different sides were gathered from anonymous accounts from Reddit, Telegram, Pastebin, and Twitter. The findings led to the conclusion that Cotten is still alive, as per the publication. Hence, the skepticism on his death started after these technical findings.

A lot pointed out that the late QuadrigaCX CEO has good motives for year disappearance. Some of the reasons include the bankruptcy of the company. Also, the misappropriation of the funds of users gave him a valid reason to fake his death.

Ernst & Young, a global specialized services firm, was employed to audit the trade after the alleged death of Cotten. Based on the publication in June, significant volumes of digital assets were moved off scheme outside the company. These funds went to personal accounts, which Mr. Cotten solely controls.

According to the report, the user was exchanged, and it’s used as safety for a margin exchange account built by Cotten. Also, it unfavorably affected the digital asset reserves of QuadrigaCX.

The report also stated that the uncertainty surrounding the death of Cotten arose before the details about transgressions did. After his death and disappearance, the CEO of Kraken named Jesse Powell defined the narrative unbelievable and bizarre.

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