Everything You Need To Know About BizzCoin

bizz coin

BizzCoin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2019 as the cryptocurrency continuation of BizzTrade and BizzTrek. The coin has some interesting offerings, but many have brought up the potential problems with the cryptocurrency.

This article will offer a fair view of BizzCoin and the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency project.

What is BizzCoin?

As mentioned previously, BizzCoin is an ERC-20 token launched in 2019 by Rehan Gohar. The purported purpose of BizzCoin is to become a global currency with an entire BizzCoin ecosystem. 

Those are some very lofty goals for a cryptocurrency. Remember, Bitcoin is already accepted at many locations and is even held on the balance sheet of many companies, but it took nearly a decade of the coin existing for that to occur. 

Who Founded BizzCoin?

BizzCoin was founded by Rehan Gohar. Is Gohar a cryptocurrency expert?

Not at all. 

His previous experience was creating BizzTrek and BizzTrade, which were both essentially MLM schemes that offered a supposed eCommerce platform. 

In reality, the only things the platforms offered were an avenue for affiliates to make money by promoting the affiliate program. 

At the end of the day, it was a run of the mill MLM scheme.

So, does Rehan Gohar have the technical expertise to make BizzCoin a viable replacement to other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero?

We would say it appears unlikely, but anything is possible.

What Makes BizzCoin Unique?

Every cryptocurrency needs something that makes them unique. Crypto is a very crowded space and every successful project has something that makes them stand apart from the rest of the competition. 

Unfortunately, BizzCoin appears to be a boilerplate ERC-20 token with little differentiating it from the countless other ERC-20 tokens that have appeared over the years with the intention of exit scamming. 

And this leads us to our next question…

Is BizzCoin a Scam?

The dubious background of the founder combined with his inexperience in the cryptocurrency makes BizzCoin appear very suspicious. Not to mention that the supposed ecosystem is easy enough to artificially prop up by simply purchasing goods with fiat currency and deducting the cost from the purchaser’s BizzCoin balance. 


To further this point, the coin was founded by a team that previously operated an MLM scheme. 

With all that information combined, it appears that BizzCoin is a cryptocurrency and MLM hybrid, which we would avoid investing in for obvious reasons. 

BizzCoin – Price, Market Cap, and Where to Buy

This section will cover the financial information about BizzCoin if, for some reason, you are still interested in purchasing this token. 


The price of BizzCoin is currently $0.28, which is a little lower than the initial price of $0.38. However, it’s still a respectable price for the cryptocurrency. 

Not to mention that the 24 hour trading volume is over $100,000. 

Market Cap

The market cap of BizzCoin is higher than one would expect at $2.2 million. That high market cap ranks it as the 1487th most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. 

Is this a high market cap?

No, but it is a respectable market cap. 

Where to Buy BizzCoin

BizzCoin is available on ExMarkets, Bilaxy, and HitBTC. ExMarkets and Bilaxy both have the largest daily trading volume with approximately $60,000 of the coin trading on the market each day. 

BizzCoin Wallet

Finally, you can store BizzCoin on your Ethereum wallet as it’s a standard ERC-20 token. 

Final Thoughts

That covers it for BizzCoin. The financial details of this cryptocurrency actually look much better than most coins of a similar caliber. However, the previous experience of the founding team makes this cryptocurrency a risky investment. 

Personally, we would stick to projects that have better development teams for our speculative investments. 

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