Bitcoin Price at $7,400 Resistance, Targets $7,600 by Month-End

Bitcoin Price at $7,400 Resistance, Targets $7,600 by Month-End

UNITED STATES – Bitcoin (BTC) foresees a price under $10,000 by month-end. Despite having resistance at $7,400, this cryptocurrency aims to close the price to $7,600 for December.

In a few days, it’s going to be the end of the year. Now, Bitcoin, one of the famous cryptocurrencies, looks to close the price for 2019 below $10,000. Regardless of the inability of this digital asset to alter the bearish trend, the most currency price action was a godsend for intraday dealers playing the reasonably probable range. The mentioned trend was held a firm grip on the price, and it’s since June 26.

Traders are questioning whether the volatility will upsurge before December closes. As per daily chart presents, the price of Bitcoin continues to exchange in a shrinking range. The Bollinger Bands indicator recommends that dealers can anticipate some volatility over the coming days. It’s because the monthly close is fast upcoming, and the lower and upper bands are narrowing.

The Bitcoin price is in the golden pocket as well, wherein the zone lies between the 0.65% and 0.68% Fibonacci retracement levels.  However, whether it’s bearish or bullish signal rest on the perspective of a trader.

As some traders say, if the price is increasing to the golden pocket, it can be understood as a chance to open a short position, especially if a robust overhead resistance is present. Otherwise, if the price is decreasing to the golden pockets, traders will see it as a chance to open a place in expectation of a bounce.


As it stands currently, the price of Bitcoin is exchanging over the Bollinger Band sign’s mid-moving average. The volume profile visible range or VPVR presents the price is at $7,200. It’s a point wherein this cryptocurrency has been in for the previous four days.

After the short-term, it expected that Bitcoin is en-route to have a price value of $7,400. It’s the most instant resistance that the cryptocurrency has resisted to flip to assist over the previous week.

Short-term bullish proof can be drawn from the timeframe of six hours, wherein the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is on the edge of a bull cross. Moreover, the signal line is pulling beyond 0, while the histogram is moving closer to tossing positive.

Traders who depend on moving averages for awareness will notice that the 12 periods and 26 periods of exponential moving averages have joined on the timeframe of six hours. Furthermore, the price on the daily deadline is pinched between the two periods, wherein the 12-EMA inches is closer to 26-EMA.

While the drive is forming, and Bitcoin guises bullish on the smaller timeframes, the price will have to retain over $7,290, and flip $7,300 to back up and to make another change at the resistance with $7,400-price.

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