Bitcoin Marketplace Paxful Joins Bspin for Crypto Betting


NEW YORK, N.Y. – Peer to peer cryptocurrency marketplace Paxful joins forces with Bspin, an online betting platform to offer users seamless crypto betting that will be available on the Bspin platform.

Paxful is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a vision of using peer-to-peer finance to provide financial inclusion to both unbanked and underbanked. Every Paxful user will get a digital wallet, free of charge, which they can use for doing various financial transactions like sending, receiving, and storing cryptocurrencies. The platform aims to cut out the middleman in financial transactions using their secure and safe escrow service with 24/7 support for their customers.

On the other hand, Bspin is an online betting platform for all things cryptocurrencies, developed by seasoned gaming designers and teams. The platform boasts a wide range of online games. Currently, they offer over 500 different games to their customers, with the promise to serve gamers from all over the world with a secure platform.

With the partnership of the two platforms, Bspin Casino is set to incorporate the peer-to-peer marketplace of Paxful using the Paxful Kiosk, an integrated payment solution system. This integration aims to provide current and future customers a much better and more secure online cryptocurrency betting platform.

According to the statement given by the Bspin team, the payment options for such platforms providing online gaming operations have always been tricky and crucial. They also continued by saying that with the partnership of Bspin and Paxful, the P2P marketplace of Paxful can now offer customers hundreds of various ways to put funds in their BTC wallets on Bspin. It will also provide global access for current and future customers with just a single integration, they said.

Based on reports, the partnership of the two platforms will allow Bspin to create and build an online betting platform that offers never-ending play as well as buying and using crypto to all interested gamers and players. The integration of Bspin and Paxful will also help in upgrading Bspin’s betting software, making it more capable of offering a more seamless and quicker experience to users.

According to the Co-Founder and CEO of Paxful, Ray Youssef, they are excited about the new partnership with Bspin. He also said that Paxful is looking forward to the chance to partner with a new sector in the cryptocurrency industry. Youssef stated that, with the new integration, they could help in adding more transparency and trust to the cryptocurrency betting community.

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