Best Penny Stocks to Trade in September 2019

Best Penny Stocks to Trade in September 2019

If we look at the stats, the month of August was the most exciting time for penny stock investors around the world. It was expected to see a fall in the interest rates by the last few days of the month. However, the uncertainties in the manufacturing sector disrupted supply chains, and the US-China trade war created a different scenario in the market. As a result, the penny stock market leads to higher volatility.

Last month was more fruitful for the precious metal minors such as Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. The scenario is going to be more valuable for the silver and junior gold miners. After an impactful journey in August, investors are expecting more turning points in August.

The analysts are providing their predictions on YouTube channels. And judgments say that the coming few months will be more profitable. So, it is good to determine the list of best penny stocks that you can think of investing in a new future.

Top Penny Stocks to Invest In

Below you will find a list of the three top-rated penny stocks. You might want to consider investing in them this year.

Rekor Systems, Inc. (REKR)

Rekor Systems REKRIf we check the performance from the past few months, REKR is on the top right from June through July and August. Stats reveal an overall rise of 167% in this stock in the previous month. It was trading at approximately $0.69 on May 7. Surprisingly, it climbed almost 635% value by reaching at $5.08 on 29th July.

Also, REKR appears to be the most significant stock in the last 45 days. In this duration, REKR also fixed its compliance with NASDAQ. At the same time, Nokia chose it to provide software for automatic license plate reading. People expect RERK to work in collaboration with the analytics solutions offered by Nokia.

As this stock touched the peak heights in the previous months, REKR also joined the Metropolis Software Partner Program of NVIDIA. They will work on applying deep learning techniques on the video streams.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM)

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM)Here is another impressive penny stock that touched significant heights in July. As per the ASM stock report, this stock has finally gained pace over definition levels in the penny stock market and now risen by almost 35% in the past few days.

With this, the junior gold, as well as silver miners, are witnessing massive gains in the market, and analysts reveal that it will set up a new historical trend. There is no doubt to say that it is now time for silver to shine in the market.

Moreover, as per the recent reports, it has finally crossed its long-term resistance level of $15.50. It reached a higher value of $16.48 per ounce. There is no doubt to say that it led to massive success to the company and promises long term profits in the penny stock market as well. Investors can plan their investments accordingly in the market.

Biocept, Inc. (BIOC)

Biocept, Inc. (BIOC)The cancer testing industry Biocept, Inc. was not performing well in July as it dropped by almost 9%. However, if we compare its performance with the previous year’s values, it is high by 19%.

As per the recent stats, Biocept is showing the average revenue growth of 90% over the past five years. Also, when compared quarterly, it is high by 25%. Although their liquid biopsy technique is not new to the end-users, the current market price of $1.02 is leading this company to the closest competition with the high rising stocks.

Furthermore, with these positive outcomes, they also signed a new laboratory service agreement as well as a new patent with some Chinese firms. At the same time, they had a commercial launch for their latest liquid biopsy product. If you are interested in investing in Penny Stocks, it is good to consider Biocept, Inc. as one of the potential choices in the list.

Bottom Line

Well, you have just gone through the list of top-rated stocks in the penny stock market, and the chances are that you are now ready to make a significant investment. But before you proceed ahead, it is essential to understand that penny stocks are subject to market risks.

Moreover, investors are advised to do in-depth research before putting their hard-earned money on any stock in the market. The real fact is that you can make a profitable investment only when you know more about the company.

It is better to check different platforms online and analyze the market stats. This will help you choose the most profitable penny stock for your long term investment.

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