Alterbank Announces Digital Bank to Access Crypto via Visa

Alterbank Announces Digital Bank to Access Crypto via Visa

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Alterbank launches a new virtual bank account that’ll let users access digital assets via Visa. Some of the included features are blockchain, investments, Fintech, Bitcoin, and Banking.

The cryptocurrency wallet called Alterbank previously launched its new virtual bank account. Aside from including the traditional funding services, it also introduces a feature that’ll let clients access digital assets via Visa.

Aside from the newly enhanced technology, other features that this Brazilian cryptocurrency offers its clients are banking and investments. Blockchain, Fintech, and Bitcoin are also included in the features of the developed technology.

The Bank assures full transparency, along with the confidentiality of the users. Moreover, when it comes to payment-related stuff, the Bank offers top-up or transfer (TED), and Bank slips to any bank by using digital assets and other choices.

In other words, Alterbank is the way to crypto-economics for all users as it comes with a user-friendly situation, along with full security. Fintech considered as the compressed word for funding technology, wherein it initially targets to contend with age-old economic approaches in the distribution of monetary services. Furthermore, it previously came into reality, and since it was presented, it has been thriving subsequently then.

The partnership between Alterbank and Visa will let the client have two bank accounts. They can open the first account, and use it for cryptocurrency. As for the second account, they can use it as their old-style savings account, and they can use it with a Visa Card. Altercard Visa allows its clients to utilize the digital assets for transactions done online. Aside from settling online payments or transfers, they can also use it for transportation apps, music streaming, and more. Furthermore, all transactions will be managed via an online app by Alterbank.


Eduardo Abreu, the New Business Development’s vice president in Brazil, reacted on the same issue. He stated that Visa sustained to utilize innovative technology with fintechs in a controlled and protected way. He also said that the partnership provided a solution for lots of continuing difficulties in the market.

To utilize their virtual accounts, the clients will need to deposit in their accounts via depositing Bitcoin in their crypto account, or via traditional Bank. Furthermore, this was altered into Brazilian Reales.

The Brazilian real is known as the official money of Brazil in 2016, wherein it’s segmented into 100 centavos. The real substituted cruzeiro, which recently known as Brazil’s official currency.

Abreu also stated that the program facilitates the delivering of virtual Visa accounts in over 50 Brazilian corporations.

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