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Our Mission

InvestoTrend is a team of professional forex and crypto investors as well as financial experts and advisors with years of experience. Our goal is to help people understand how the forex and crypto sphere work, as well as the complex financial concepts. You can improve your financial management skills and status, your investment portfolio by learning how to manage your money. Our belief is that good investment skills can improve your life.

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People Say about Us

Thank you for always having my back in terms of marketing news. I can completely rely on your information and follow the cryptocurrency trends in a single place. Great job!

Leo Higgins

Leo Higgins


Both my wife and I were looking for ways to make extra money each month from our home but we were unable to find a job that was worth applying for. That was until we came across an incredibly useful article by InvestoTrend. Now we both have high-paying work from home jobs. Thank you!”

Tom Collins

Tom Collins


InvestoTrend made it easier for me to understand the basics of Forex trading which totally changed my perspectives. I finally knew where I can start from, which sources are good and which sources I should avoid. Great job! Keep up the good work for beginners like me!

Courtney Davidson

Courtney Davidson

Portfolio Manager

The first article I read “Beginners Guide to Investing in Index Funds” really changed the way I think about index funds. As I became curious, I started reading other articles of Mr. Egbert and I wanted to share with other people how rare it actually is to find someone who can explain the complex financial concepts in such an easy to read way.

Jonah Björk