3 Top Tech Stocks to Buy in September 2019

Top Tech Stocks to Buy in September

Investing in stocks requires excellent attention and vast knowledge. Some traders find it risky to invest in technology. Why? Because technology stocks show a rapid change in their value.

However, currently, some of the most successful technology-based organizations are proving their high strength in the market. Their successful projects and multiple branches worldwide are clear indications of their future success.

In this article, we will share with you information about the three top tech stocks. And if you are looking for profitable and promising stocks to invest in this September, you should keep on reading.

Top Tech Stocks to Buy | September 2019

Several organizations are working on technology progress. Some of them have shown their marvelous success in the past few years. However, no one can predict whether the prices of stock values of any company will rise or fall.

For example, Uber was showing great share value in the market in 2017. No one expected the harassment reports that followed. Also, Google sent legal notice to Uber for copyright issues of its self-driving car content. It left an adverse impact on its share values. Unsurprisingly, share prices faced a rapid fall within days. 

According to some experts, the right time to invest in the stock market is precisely at this point. When the company is facing a fall in its shares. At this time, traders can get shares at a lower price. By holding them for a long time, they can trade them when the stocks show a rise in the market.

So, without further ado, let’s review the three top technology-based companies, which are recently facing a downturn in their stocks. Admittedly, these successful companies will come up with great efforts and strategies to show rice in their shares. Remember, such a bounce-back will bring high profits to investors.

Micron Technology, Inc. | NASDAQ: MU

Micron Technology, Inc. | NASDAQ: MUYou must be aware of the declining value of the memory-chip for months. Micron Technology Inc. also faced several restrictions from the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

However, the company is trying hard to bounce back from the latest downturn. There are plenty of sings that Micron will regain its reputation in the cyclical computer-memory market with its excellent memory stock. 

Moreover, US President Donald Trump’s administration agreed to accelerate licensing deals with Huawei. This will bring an excellent opportunity for Micron with the removal of the giant anchor tied to its business. It is clear evidence that the company will come back in the market with a boosting attitude, which will undoubtedly raise its stock values.

Thus, many investors think it is the right time to trade with Micron. The low-price investment will bring great benefit to all investors. Trading at 5.6 times training earning will bring 8.6 times free cash flow for you.


Okta is a publicly-traded identity and access management company. The company makes online searching easier for users. Its goal is to help people in accessing online information, including online software and digital work files.


Meanwhile, the company is providing its valuable services to companies and software administrators to protect their confidential and private data. With its competent services, Okta is successfully creating a unique market with the slogan’ identity as a service.’

Okta works as the gatekeeper for all users. It allows them to search for their desired data while keeping the data of companies or websites in the protective zone. With Okta, no one can have unethical access to the content.

Due to its excellent services, several companies and software administrations are using Oktas services. Increasing the inclination of companies towards Okta services is clear evidence that the company is going to show a boom in its stock values. Thus, it is the right time to invest in this revenue-generating company.

Moreover, the sales record of the company shows a 50% increase in its sales over the year. Okta is merely doing a fantastic job in the technology market. Its exceptional services are also attracting larger clients with more money to spend.

Further, within the next few years, the company is expected to gain a prominent position in the technology market surely. Also, the company is already showing a 140% rise in its share price over the past year.

Microsoft Corporation | NASDAQ: MSFT

Microsoft Corporation | NASDAQ: MSFTIn the past few years, Microsoft could not show a marvelous performance in the tech market. Apple and Alphabet Inc. dominated the market with advanced technology and attractive services.

However, under the new CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft is experiencing a renaissance for being a trillion-dollar company. Microsoft is a well-positioned company. If you want a high profit on your stock investment, you should seriously consider investing in MSFT.

Nadella’s strategies are unique. The CEO of Microsoft called Artificial Intelligence as ‘defining the technology of the times.’ To show exceptional performance in the market, Nadella reorganized the entire structure of the company.

Moreover, the primary focus of Nadella is AI and cloud computing. The company aims to provide high quality and reliable services to its users.

Furthermore, analysis of the current situation of Microsoft makes it clear that it is going to be the most comprehensive way to invest in its growth. The company is investing a significant amount in its technology innovation and growth. It will deepen the relationship of the company with its users and investors.

Though these are the top three tech stocks worth investing in this September, it is always recommended to make an in-depth analysis of the market. The more you know, the better investment decision you will take. 

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