3 Top Marijuana Stocks to Invest in 2019

top marijuana stocks to invest in 2019

With time, the cannabis industry is showing marvelous success in the stock market. In 2014, $3 billion in revenue in licensed store sales worldwide is evidence of its success. Also, the industry is showing excellent revenue generation and annual progress each year.

For example, last year, the industry hit $11 billion in sales, which is expected to be double or triple within the next five years. According to Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, the cannabis industry is going to show more success in the next ten years. Also, it is expected to surpass $40 billion in sales.

With the record of such success, the old-question remains the same. Every investor wants to find the best marijuana stocks worth investing in this year. So, we will guide you through the best stocks.

Cronos Group Inc | NASDAQ: CRON

Where to invest is an interesting question. However, nothing can be said with surety when it comes to the stock market. Though some companies are showing a significant rise in their stock, you never know when the stocks might fall.

Cronos Group is one of the most successful companies in the cannabis industry. In the last few years, the company showing a 36% rise in its stock value. This company is the most prominent name in the Canadian market. And thus it’s excellent services are making is well-known worldwide.

Moreover, in the mid-March 2019, Altria invested around $1.8 billion in Cronos Group Inc, which boomed its annual sales. As a result of this excellent investment, the company faced a 45% equity stake in return.

Altria not only brought cash investment for the firm. It also ensured the provision of regulatory expertise, access to more than 230,000 retail locations in the United States, and roll out throughout North America in a legal way.

With the analysis of annual revenue generation and yearly funds of the company, it won’t be wrong to say that the company is going to boom in the next five years. According to some analysts, Cronos will generate up to 60% in sales in 2020.

Thus, it is the right time to invest in Marijuana stock through CRON. By selecting Cronos, you will make a smart choice. It’s $1.8 billion funds are evidence that the company is not going to face any rapid loss.

CV Sciences Inc | OTCMKTS: CVSI
CV Sciences Inc | OTCMKTS: CVSI

CV Sciences is another successful name worldwide. It is one of the most preferred firms in the United States. Recently, the company had $5 billion in its funds, with a rise of 62% in its shares.

However, the company is adopting new strategies to increase its annual sales. As per the record, the company is expecting to raise from $8 to $15 billion annually in the next five years. With such an estimate, CV Sciences Inc no doubt becomes the preferred one for stock investments.


However, one thing is for sure clear. Nothing is predictable in the stock market, and you never know when the company is going to face any loss.

Currently, CV Sciences Inc is focusing on its new projects. It has signed several deals with different countries and companies. The most prominent example of its progress is its distribution partnership with Kroger.

Moreover, with time, the partnership relationship became the best of these two partners. The project was revised, and CV Sciences Inc signed to distribute its services in 1,350 stores in 22 states. 

Further, CV Sciences Inc is the second-largest CBD stock in the United States. With budget funds up to $5 billion, the company is ready to meet any risk without affecting the profit to its investors. CV Sciences Inc is further planning to adopt advance strategies to increase its annual sales.

Cresco Labs Inc | CNSX: CLCresco Labs Inc | CNSX: CL

Cresco Labs is another famous company in this industry. In the previous years, it showed $11 in its funds, with a 43% rise in its stock value. Cresco Labs is still in progress to achieve success in the competitive market.

That is why investors can get their stock at a discounted price, which is undoubtedly going to give you a high profit in the future. Some experts prefer buying discounted stocks. Then they wait until the stock shows an astonishing rise in the stock market to trade.

Cresco Lab is one of the building brands working in a dozen states. Its effective strategies are evidence of its success in the competitive environment of the market. Thus, it is expected that the company is going to generate more sales revenue in the next few years.

Therefore, this time, this investment could be fruitful for you in the coming future. Do you want to increases your chances of profits? Well, experienced investors recommend that other investors should go for a long-term strategy. The same is the case with Cresco stock. Holding on for long-duration will bring significant advantages for the investors.

Bottom Line

Though the above discussion includes recommendations to the investment in three well-known companies in the Cannabis industry (check this article for more), the stock market is unpredictable. The stock results in the future may be different.

Moreover, these companies may face a fall in their shares. That is why it is always recommended to make an in-depth analysis of the stock market before investing. Also, be careful when investing in any company.

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