3 Pure-Play Pot Stocks to Invest in 2019

pure play stocks to invest in 2019

Currently, pure-play pot stocks of the Marijuana industry play an attractive role for stock investors. Do you know that the cannabis industry is booming?

The legal cannabis companies are performing well worldwide. Moreover, they are making a partnership with several other countries and companies. It has increased its annual sales enabling them to gain a strong position in the stock market.

However, the supply issues in Canada and tax rates in the United States allowed the black market to thrive. It left a little negative impact on the cannabis stock. But still, some pure-play pot stocks are playing well in the stock market.

In this article, we will guide you through the top three pure-play pot stocks. And if you are looking for stocks where to invest your money, then these three picks deserve to be taken into consideration.

CV Sciences Inc. | OTCMKTS: CVSI

Many companies are working in the cannabis industry. However, very few of them follow all legal regulations of the respective country. CV Science is one of them. Moreover, this company is the second-largest cannabis firm in the United States’ stock market.

CV Sciences Inc. is currently distributing its products in more than 4,600 stores worldwide. In previous years, the company could not generate remarkable revenue. The company was not making partnerships with different companies to increase annual sales revenue, as well.

Currently, CV Sciences Inc. has signed several deals with different countries and companies. Moreover, the company is focused on generating more revenue. Statistical reports show that CV Sciences Inc. is planning to surpass $15 billion within the next five years.

Further, to generate more revenue, the company is adopting several advanced strategies. Making a partnership with the well-known brand is also one of such policies. Recently, it made a distribution partnership with Kroger.

Kroger is famous as the nation’s largest supermarket chain. “It is the United States’ largest supermarket chain by revenue, the second-largest general retailer and the seventeenth largest company in the United States.

CV Sciences signed a contract with Kroger, according to which it is responsible for distributing its products to more than 1,350 stores of Kroger in 22 states. The company is further planning to adopt advance strategies to increase its annual sales, with which it will show a bumper rise in its stock values.

If you are searching for a stock investment to earn a significant profit, CVSI is probably the best option to do so.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc | OTCMKTS: CWBHF

The question ‘Where to invest’ remains the part of daily gossips and discussions for the stock market traders. Everyone wants to invest in the best place, from where they can enjoy excellent earning in terms of profit. Several companies in the cannabis industry are offering high profits to their investors, with a massive rise in their stock value.

However, nothing can be said with surety when it comes to the stock market. Though some companies are showing a considerable surge in their stock, you never know when to face the fall.

Charlotte’s Web is also one of the most successful companies in the cannabis industry. The company offers $0.28 per share in fiscal 2019. It’s excellent services, and massive projects are making the company well-known worldwide.

Currently, Charlotte’s Web is distributing its products to a considerable number of retail doors. With its steady progress in the stock market, it ended up selling 6,000 catapults to the north by the end of March.

Moreover, the company has also performed well in the past few years. In 2018, it sold catapult to the north of 3680. Not only this, the company is recently planning to increase its harvesting area. It announced to grow 187% of its harvesting area.

Previously, the company had 300 acreages of hemp to plant for harvest. But now, with its spectacular success, it expanded its space to 862 acreages. Thus, it is the right time to invest in Marijuana stock through Charlotte’s Web.

Cresco Labs Inc | CNSX: CL

The third recommended pure-play pot stock is Cresco Labs. It offers $0.05 per stock in fiscal 2019. Cresco Lab is not an old and preferred name of the market.

Currently, Cresco Lab Inc is working hard to grow its business. They aim to enjoy better revenue generation. Moreover, the main focus of Cresco Labs is to achieve success in the competitive market, without facing a huge loss. For this purpose, it uses several risk mitigation strategies.

Further, the company is also having $11 billion in its fiscal fund. With which it shows the ability to cover its expenses efficiently. As the company is maintaining its position in the stock market, it is offering discounted stocks to its investors.

Investing at the right time might bring high profits to you. Most traders spend their money during the developing phase of a company. And this is a bold and risky move. However, after the developing stage of the company, it pays you 200% back.

CV Science, Charlotte’s Web, and Cresco Lab are not the only pure-play pot stocks, which will bring profit to you. There are several other companies, which are performing so well and offering a high return on your investment per share.

Some other successful companies in the cannabis industry are:

  • Trulieve Cannabis Corp | CNSX: TRUL
  • Innovative Industrial Properties Inc | NYSE: IIPR
  • Cronos Group Inc | TSE: CRON
  • OrganiGram Holdings Inc | TSE: OGI
  • Planet 13 Holdings Inc | OTCMKTS: PLNHF
  • Canopy Rivers Inc | CVE: RIV
  • Medifarm Labs Corp | TSE: LABS

Bottom Line

The purpose of recommending the above three companies for pure-play pot stocks is to guide you about where to invest. However, any instruction of counsel has nothing to do with the company’s profit or advertising.

We have presented our opinion about future investment. You must keep one thing in mind, though. Nothing is predictable regarding the stock market. Today’s king can be tomorrow’s loser.

So, make an in-depth analysis of the market and stock companies before investing your money into it.  Also, don’t trust the third party. It is you, and the company, who are responsible for the stock rise and fall, and the third party is not going to face any loss.

Analyze the market carefully and evaluate where you can get maximum profit. An in-depth analysis will also help you to better understand the best way of trading with the stock market.

Stay connected with our website to remain aware of the stock investment-related information. It will help you to know more about where and why to invest in 2019.

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